• CSA E598.1 : 2002

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    Superseded date:  01-07-2002

    Language(s):  English

    Published date: 

    Publisher:  Canadian Standards Association

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Section 0: General Introduction
      0.1 Scope and object
      0.2 Normative references
      0.3 General requirements and verification
      0.4 General test requirements
      0.5 Components of luminaires
      0.6 List of sections of part 2
    Section 1: Definitions
      1.1 General
      1.2 Definitions
    Section 2: Classification of luminaires
      2.1 General
      2.2 Classification according to type of
            protection against electric shock
      2.3 Classification according to degree
            of protection against ingress of dust,
            solid objects and moisture
      2.4 Classification according to material
            of supporting surface for which the
            luminaire is designed
    Section 3: Marking
      3.1 General
      3.2 Marking on luminaires
      3.3 Additional information
      3.4 Test of marking
    Section 4: Construction
      4.1 General
      4.2 Replaceable components
      4.3 Wireways
      4.4 Lampholders
      4.5 Starter holders
      4.6 Terminal blocks
      4.7 Terminals and supply connections
      4.8 Switches
      4.9 Insulating lines and sleeves
      4.10 Double and reinforced insulation
      4.11 Electrical connections and current
            carrying parts
      4.12 Screws and connections (mechanical)
            and glands
      4.13 Mechanical strength
      4.14 Suspensions and adjusting devices
      4.15 Flammable materials
      4.16 Luminaires marked with symbol
      4.17 Drain holes
      4.18 Resistance to corrosion
      4.19 Ignitors
      4.20 Rough service luminaires-Vibration
      4.21 Protective shield (tungsten halogen
      4.22 Attachments to lamps
      4.23 Semi-luminaires
      4.24 UV radiation
      4.25 Mechanical hazard
      4.26 Short circuit protection
      Section 5: External and internal wiring
      5.1 General
      5.2 Supply connection and other external wiring
      5.3 Internal wiring
    Section 6: Not used
    Section 7: Provision for earthing
      7.1 General
      7.2 Provision for earthing
    Section 8: Protection against electric shock
      8.1 General
      8.2 Protection against electric shock
    Section 9: Resistance to dust, solid objects
                and moisture
      9.1 General
      9.2 Tests for ingress of dust, solid objects
            and moisture
      9.3 Humidity test
    Section 10: Insulation resistance and electric
      10.1 General
      10.2 Insulation resistance and electric strength

      10.3 Leakage current
    Section 11: Creepage distances and clearances
      11.1 General
      11.2 Creepage distances and clearances
    Section 12: Endurance test and thermal test
      12.1 General
      12.2 Selection of lamps and ballasts
      12.3 Endurance test
      12.4 Thermal test (normal operation)
      12.5 Thermal test (abnormal operation)
      12.6 Thermal test (failed lamp controlgear
      12.7 Thermal test in regard to fault conditions
            in lamp control gear or electronic devices
            in plastic luminaires
    Section 13: Resistance to heat, fire and tracking
      13.1 General
      13.2 Resistance to heat
      13.3 Resistance to flame and ignition
      13.4 Resistance to tracking
    Section 14: Screw terminals
      14.1 General
      14.2 Definitions
      14.3 General requirements and basic principles
      14.4 Mechanical tests
    Section 15: Screwless terminals and electrical
      15.1 General
      15.2 Definitions
      15.3 General requirements
      15.4 General instructions on tests
      15.5 Mechanical tests
      15.6 Electrical tests
      15.7 Conductors
      15.8 Mechanical tests
      15.9 Electrical tests
    A Test to establish whether a conductive part may
      cause an electric shock
    B Test lamps
    C Abnormal circuit conditions
    D Drought-proof enclosure
    E Determination of winding temperature rises by
      the increase-in-resistance method
    F Test for resistance to stress corrosion of
      copper and copper alloys
    G (deleted)
    H (deleted)
    J Explanation of IP numbers for degrees of
    K Temperature measurement
    L Guide to good practice in liminate design
    M Conversion guide for table IX of IEC 598-1
      (2nd edition) to table 11.1-Determination of
      creepage distances and clearances
    N Explanation to luminate marking
    P Requirements for the protective shield to be
      fitted to luminaires using metal halide lamps
      for protective measures against UV radiation
    Q Conformity testing during manufacture
    R Bibliography
    S Schedule of amended clauses containing more
      serious/critical requirements which require
      products to be rested
    T Requirements for the identification of a
      a family or range of luminaires for type

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Covers general requirements for the classification and marking of luminaires and for their mechanical and electrical construction, together with related tests. Applicable to luminaires for use with tungsten filaments, tubular fluorescent and other discharge lamps on supply voltages not exceeding 1000V. Includes the following sections: classification of luminaires; external and internal wiring; protection against electric shock; insulation resistance and electric strength. Also includes definitions, diagrams and annexes.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Canadian Standards Association
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By

    Standards Referencing This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below)

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