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International vocabulary of metrology. Basics and general concepts and associated terms (VIM)

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CTN 82
Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion

Standards Relationship
ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007 Identical

ISO 5725-1:1994 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 1: General principles and definitions
ISO 10241:1992 International terminology standards Preparation and layout
ISO 80000-4:2006 Quantities and units Part 4: Mechanics
ISO 1087-1:2000 Terminology work Vocabulary Part 1: Theory and application
IEC 80000-6:2008 Quantities and units - Part 6: Electromagnetism
ISO 13528:2015 Statistical methods for use in proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparison
ISO 80000-9:2009 Quantities and units Part 9: Physical chemistry and molecular physics
ISO 15189:2012 Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence
ISO/TS 21749:2005 Measurement uncertainty for metrological applications — Repeated measurements and nested experiments
ISO 5725-3:1994 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 3: Intermediate measures of the precision of a standard measurement method
ISO 5725-6:1994 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 6: Use in practice of accuracy values
ISO Guide 35:2017 Reference materials — Guidance for characterization and assessment of homogeneity and stability
ISO 5725-4:1994 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results Part 4: Basic methods for the determination of the trueness of a standard measurement method
ISO 80000-3:2006 Quantities and units Part 3: Space and time
ISO 80000-8:2007 Quantities and units Part 8: Acoustics
ISO 17511:2003 In vitro diagnostic medical devices Measurement of quantities in biological samples Metrological traceability of values assigned to calibrators and control materials
ISO 5436-2:2012 Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Surface texture: Profile method; Measurement standards — Part 2: Software measurement standards
ISO 80000-2:2009 Quantities and units Part 2: Mathematical signs and symbols to be used in the natural sciences and technology
ISO/TS 21748:2004 Guidance for the use of repeatability, reproducibility and trueness estimates in measurement uncertainty estimation
ISO 80000-11:2008 Quantities and units Part 11: Characteristic numbers
ISO 80000-12:2009 Quantities and units Part 12: Solid state physics
IEC 80000-13:2008 Quantities and units - Part 13: Information science and technology
ISO 80000-1:2009 Quantities and units — Part 1: General
ISO 10012:2003 Measurement management systems — Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment
ISO 5725-2:1994 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results Part 2: Basic method for the determination of repeatability and reproducibility of a standard measurement method
ISO 9000:2015 Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary
IEC 60359:2001 Electrical and electronic measurement equipment - Expression of performance
IEC 60027-2:2005 Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology - Part 2: Telecommunications and electronics
ISO 80000-7:2008 Quantities and units Part 7: Light
ISO 704:2009 Terminology work — Principles and methods
ISO Guide 31:2015 Reference materials — Contents of certificates, labels and accompanying documentation
IEC 60050-300:2001 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) - Part 300: Electrical and electronic measurements and measuring instruments - Part 311: General terms relating to measurements - Part 312: General terms relating to electrical measurements - Part 313: Types of electrical measuring instruments - Part 314: Specific terms according to the type of instrument
ISO Guide 34:2009 General requirements for the competence of reference material producers
ISO 5725-5:1998 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 5: Alternative methods for the determination of the precision of a standard measurement method
ISO 80000-5:2007 Quantities and units Part 5: Thermodynamics
ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 Uncertainty of measurement — Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM:1995)
ISO 80000-10:2009 Quantities and units Part 10: Atomic and nuclear physics
ISO 3534-1:2006 Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 1: General statistical terms and terms used in probability

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