• Digital Rights Management

    Some Publishers require their publications to be secured by Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect their intellectual property.

    Important: If you are NOT the intended end user of the publication secured with DRM, DO NOT OPEN IT because it will be locked to your device. Simply forward the publication on to the appropriate end user. Addressing issues arising from documents being opened by the wrong end user may result in an administration fee.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In what PDF readers can I open my publication?

    Publications secured with DRM can only be opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free – Adobe Reader Download. NB Some computers have other PDF readers set as the default.

    Why can’t I open my publication?

    DRM publications are locked to the computer on which they are first opened e.g. if you open a publication secured by DRM and then forward it to someone else to open they will not be able to open it. 
    To open a DRM publication for the first time, you need to be connected to the internet and install the FileOpen plug-in.

    How can I tell if the File Open Plugin has been installed?

    Open Adobe. Go to Help -> about Adobe -> about third party plug-ins. If you can see “FileOpen Client” then the plug-in has been installed.

    Where can I download the Plugin?

    The FileOpen plug-in can be downloaded for installation here:   http://plugin.fileopen.com/Default.aspx?bhcp=1

    What are the FileOpen Plugin System Requirements?

    The system requirements to run the FileOpen plug in are as follows: 
    Windows: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7 - Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher
    Mac: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.2 - Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher
    Linux: Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher

    Why can’t I print my publication?

    Your rights to print are detailed in the license to which you agreed (or will agree) when you purchase a publication. Typically, the license allows you to print one complete copy of the publication. Please note that printing a single page from the publication will consume your print rights. So, if you wish to have a hardcopy version of your PDF, it is advised that you print the entire publication.

    Why am I getting the error message: ”File Open cannot copy the Fileopen.api file to the plugin directory of your version of Adobe Reader”.

    Be sure that you have Adobe Reader installed and closed. If you do not have the necessary Administrator rights to install software on your computer, please contact your IT administrator

    Can I view my publication on a Smartphone or tablet such as iPhone or iPad?

    Not yet – investigations are currently underway to facilitate viewing on “mobile” devices. 

    Can I store my file on Google Docs or similar services?

    No. The license to which you agreed does not permit the storing or transmission of the publication across a network. 

    Error Message: The Server message is meaningless?

    The FileOpen Plugin requires the port 443 to register itself on your computer when you first open it only, you will need to review your security settings to allow this port to be used only the first time you open each protected file. Please consult your system administrator should you need help adjusting your computer settings.