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BS EN ISO/IEC 9646-2:1996



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Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Conformance testing methodology and framework Abstract Test Suite specification

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1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Compliance
6 Conformance requirements in OSI base specifications
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 General requirements
    6.3 Conformance clauses
    6.4 Multi-specification dependencies
7 Requirements on ICS proformas
8 Abstract Test Suite production process leading to
    conformance testing specifications
9 Conformance requirements and ICS proforma
10 Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS & TP)
    10.1 Basic requirements
    10.2 Specification of the test suite structure
    10.3 Specification of the test purposes
    10.4 Coverage
    10.5 TSS & TP compliance clause
11 Abstract testing methodology
    11.1 Introduction
    11.2 General specification of the Single Party
            Testing context
            11.2.1 Introduction
            11.3.3 The Distributed test method
            11.3.4 The Coordinated test method
            11.3.5 The Remote test method
    11.4 Test method variants
            11.4.1 Embedded and Non-Embedded variants of
            test methods in the single Party Testing
            11.4.2 Multi-user variants
    11.5 General specification of the Multi-Party
            Testing context
            11.5.1 Introduction
            11.5.2 Lower Tester Control Function
            11.5.3 Upper Testers
            11.5.4 Test Coordination Procedures
            11.5.5 Illustration of Abstract Test
            Methods for Multi-Party Testing
   11.6 Choice of Abstract Test Method
            11.6.1 Introduction
            11.6.2 Comprehensive testing service
            11.6.3 Types of Implementation Under Test
            11.6.4 Applicability of the Abstract Test
12 Specification of Abstract Test Suites
   12.1 General
   12.2 Use of Tree and Tabular Combined Notation
   12.3 Specification of abstract test cases
   12.4 Assignment of Verdicts
   12.5 Abstract Test Suite specification conformance
   12.6 Consistency with base specification
   12.7 Copyright
13 Specification of a Test Management Protocol (TMP)
14 Information in an ATS specification concerning use
   of the ATS
15 Maintenance of Abstract Test Suite specifications
A Applicability of the test methods to OSI protocols
  A.1 The Physical Layer
  A.2 Data Link and Media Access Control protocols
  A.3 Network protocols
  A.4 Transport protocols
  A.5 Session protocol
  A.6 Presentation and Application protocols
  A.7 Connectionless protocols
B Guidance for protocol specifiers to facilitate
  conformance testing
  B.1 Introduction
  B.2 Guidance on Scope
  B.3 Guidance on normative references
  B.4 Guidance on requirements and options
  B.5 Checklist for conformance clauses
  B.6 Guidance on PDUs
  B.7 Guidance on states
  B.8 Guidance on FDTs
  B.9 Miscellaneous guidance
C Relationship between ISO/IEC 9646 and ISO/IEC 7498
  service notation

Specifies the requirements and gives advice for the production of system-independent conformance test suites for one or more Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) specifications. Applies, especially to the production of all OSI conformance testing specifications. Applies to the production of abstract test cases which check the conformance of an implementation to the relevant static and/or dynamic conformance requirements by controlling and observing protocol behaviour. Applies to the production of test suites for testing implementations of one or more adjacent protocols.

Supersedes BS ISO/IEC 9646/2 DRAFT FOR COMMENT 92/64843 DC
British Standards Institution

ISO/IEC 9646-7:1995 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 7: Implementation Conformance Statements
ISO/IEC 9646-6:1994 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 6: Protocol profile test specification
ISO/TR 8509:1987 Information processing systems Open Systems Interconnection Service conventions
ISO/IEC 8825:1990 Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Basic Encoding Rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
ISO/IEC 9646-1:1994 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 1: General concepts
ISO/IEC 9646-3:1998 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 3: The Tree and Tabular Combined Notation (TTCN)

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