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BS ISO/IEC 10729-1:1993



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Information technology. Open Systems Interconnection. Conformance test suite for the presentation layer Test suite structure and test purposes for the presentation protocol

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1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Definitions
3.1 Reference model definitions
3.2 Service conventions definitions
3.3 Session service definitions
3.4 Presentation service definitions
3.5 Presentation protocol definitions
3.6 Conformance testing methodology and framework
4. Abbreviations
4.1 Data units
4.2 Types of presentation-protocol-data-units
4.3 Other abbreviations
5. Compliance
6. Testing methodology
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Relationship between the TSS & TP and abstract
          test suites
6.3 Test selection
6.4 Verdicts
6.5 Test suite coverage
7. Test suite structure
8. Naming conventions
9. Precedence
10. Basic interconnection tests
11. Capability tests (CA)
11.1 CA/Kernel functional unit (KE)
11.1.1 CA/KE/Connection Establishment (CE) CA/KE/CE/Initiator (I) CA/KE/CE/Responder (R)
11.1.2 CA/KE/Connection Abort (CA)
11.2 CA/Context Management Functional Unit (CM)
11.2.1 CA/CM/Context Alteration (CA) CA/CM/CA/Initiator (I) CA/CM/CA/Responder (R)
11.2.2 CA/CM/Resynchronize (RS)
11.3 CA/Context Restoration Functional Unit (CR)
11.3.1 CA/CR/IUT as initiator (I)
11.3.2 CA/CR/IUT as responder (R)
12. Valid behaviour tests (BV)
12.1 BV/State/Event Intersections (SE)
12.1.1 BV/SE/Connection Establishment (CE) BV/SE/CE/STAI0 (I0) BV/SE/CE/STAI1 (I1) BV/SE/CE/STAI2 (I2)
12.1.2 BV/SE/Connection Release Normal (CRN)
12.1.3 BV/SE/Connection Release Abort (CRA)
12.1.4 BV/SE/Context management (CM) BV/SE/CM/Await ACA (ac0) BV/SE/CM/Await P-ALTERrsp (ac1) BV/SE/CM/Await ACA or P-ALTERrsp (ac2) BV/SE/CM/Connected Data Transfer (t0)
12.1.5 BV/SE/Data Transfer (DT) BV/SE/DT/Await ACA (ac0) BV/SE/DT/Connected Data Transfer (t0)
12.1.6 BV/SE/Token Handling (TH) BV/SE/TH/Await ACA (ac0) BV/SE/TH/Connected Data Transfer (t0)
12.1.7 BV/SE/Synchronization (SY) BV/SE/SY/Await ACA (ac0) BV/SE/SY/Connected Data Transfer (t0)
12.1.8 BV/SE/Activity Management and Exception
          Handling (AMX) BV/SE/AMX/Await ACA (ac0)
12.1.9 BV/SE/Resynchronization (RS) BV/SE/RS/Await ACA (ac0) BV/SE/RS/Connected Data Transfer (t0)
12.2 BV/Parameter Variations (PV)
12.2.1 BV/PV/Sender (S) BV/PV/S/AII optional parameters (AO) BV/PV/S/Some optional parameters (SO) BV/PV/S/No optional parameters (NO) BV/PV/S/Presentation-context-definition-list
          (PCDL) BV/PV/S/User-data (UD)
12.2.2 BV/PV/Receiver (R) BV/PV/R/AII optional parameters BV/PV/R/Some optional parameters (SO) BV/PV/R/No optional parameters (NO) BV/PV/R/Default parameter present (DP) BV/PV/R/Default parameter absent (DA) BV/PV/R/Presentation-context-list (PCL) BV/PV/R/Reduced requirements (RR) BV/PV/R/User-data (UD)
12.3 BV/DCS Variations (DCS)
12.4 BV/Encoding Variations (EV)
12.4.1 BV/EV/Length Encoding (LE) BV/EV/LE/Short form (SF) BV/EV/LE/Indefinite form (IF) BV/EV/LE/Long form (LF) BV/EV/LE/Redundant long form (RLF) BV/EV/LE/Both forms (BF)
12.4.2 BV/EV/Contents Encoding (CE) BV/EV/CE/DEFAULT Encoding (DE) BV/EV/CE/BOOLEAN (BO) BV/EV/CE/BIT STRING Encoding (BS) BV/EV/CE/OCTET STRING Encoding (OS) BV/EV/CE/SET Encoding (SE)
12.4.3 BV/EV/Encoding of type User-data (UD) BV/EV/UD/Simple encoding (SI) BV/EV/UD/Full encoding (FU)
13. Invalid behaviour tests (BI)
13.1 BI/Inopportune (INOP)
13.1.1 BI/INOP/State Event Intersections (SE) BI/INOP/SE/Context Management (CM) BI/INOP/SE/Resynchronization (RS)
13.1.2 BI/INOP/Parameter Variations (PV)
13.1.3 BI/INOP/DCS Variations (DCS) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state I1 (I1) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state I2 (I2) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state t0 (t0) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state ac0 (ac0) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state ac1 (ac1) BI/INOP/DCS/IUT in state ac2 (ac2)
13.2 BI/Syntactically invalid (SYN)
13.3 BI/Semantically invalid (SEM)
13.3.1 BI/SEM/Connection Establishment (CE)
13.3.2 BI/SEM/DCS semantics (DCS)
13.3.3 BI/SEM/Connection release abort (CRA)

Specifies a test suite structure and test purposes for the presentation protocol excluding X.410-1984 mode. Applies to conformance test suites for testing presentation protocol implementations that operate over a connection oriented session service and which claim conformance to ISO 8823. Coverage includes definitions, abbreviations, naming conventions, and capability tests.

Supersedes 91/65190 DC. (07/2005)
British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
ISO/IEC 10729-1:1993 Identical

ISO 8823:1988 Information processing systems — Open Systems Interconnection — Connection oriented presentation protocol specification
ISO/IEC 9646-2:1994 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 2: Abstract Test Suite specification
ISO/IEC 8824:1990 Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
ISO/IEC 8825:1990 Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Basic Encoding Rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
ISO/IEC 9646-1:1994 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Conformance testing methodology and framework Part 1: General concepts
ISO/IEC 8822:1994 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Presentation service definition
ISO/IEC 8326:1996 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Session service definition

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