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BS ISO/IEC 8825:1990



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Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Specification of basic encoding rules for abstract syntax notation one (ASN.1)

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1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Definitions
4. Abbreviations and notation
4.1 Abbreviations
4.2 Notation
5. Conformance
6. General rules for encoding
6.1 Structure of an encoding
6.2 Identifier octets
6.3 Length octets
6.4 Contents octets
6.5 End-of-contents octets
7. Encoding of a boolean value
8. Encoding of an integer value
9. Encoding of an enumerated value
10. Encoding of a real value
11. Encoding of a bitstring value
12. Encoding of an octetstring value
13. Encoding of a null value
14. Encoding of a sequence value
15. Encoding of a sequence-of value
16. Encoding of a set value
17. Encoding of a set-of value
18. Encoding of a choice value
19. Encoding of a selection value
20. Encoding of a tagged value
21. Encoding of a value of the ANY type
22. Encoding of an object identifier value
23. Encoding for values of the character string types
24. Encoding for values of the ASN.1 useful types
25. Use in transfer syntax definition
A. Example of encodings
A.1 ASN.1 description of the record structure
A.2 ASN.1 description of a record value
A.3 Representation of this record value
B. Assignment of object identifier values
C. Illustration of real value encoding

Used to derive the specification of a transfer syntax for values of types defined using the notation specified in ISO 8824.

British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
ISO/IEC 8825:1990 Identical

DD ENV 12315-1:1997 Traffic and traveller information (TTI). TTI messages via dedicated short-range communication Data specification. Downlink (roadside to vehicle)
BS EN 60870-6-502:1996 Telecontrol equipment and systems. Telecontrol protocols compatible with ISO standards and ITU-T recommendations TASE.1 Protocol definitions
DD ENV 12314-1:1997 Road transport and traffic telematics. Automatic vehicle and equipment identification Reference architectures and terminology
DD ENV 12315-2:1997 Traffic and traveller information (TTI). TTI messages via dedicated short-range communication Data specification. Uplink (vehicle to roadside)

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