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ISO/IEC TR 30102:2012



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Information technology Distributed Application Platforms and Services (DAPS) General technical principles of Service Oriented Architecture

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ISO/IEC TR 30102:2012 describes the general technical principles underlying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), including principles relating to functional design, performance, development, deployment and management. It provides a vocabulary containing definitions of terms relevant to SOA.

It includes a domain-independent technical framework, addressing functional requirements and non-functional requirements.

International Organization for Standardization

Standards Relationship
NEN NPR ISO/IEC TR 30102 : 2012 Identical
INCITS/ISO/IEC TR 30102 : 2015 Identical
PD ISO/IEC TR 30102:2012 Identical

ISO/IEC 18384-2:2016 Information technology Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA RA) Part 2: Reference Architecture for SOA Solutions
BS ISO/IEC 18384-2:2016 Information technology. Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA RA) Reference Architecture for SOA Solutions

ISO 128-40:2001 Technical drawings General principles of presentation Part 40: Basic conventions for cuts and sections
ISO/IEC TR 10000-1:1998 Information technology Framework and taxonomy of International Standardized Profiles Part 1: General principles and documentation framework
ISO 10241:1992 International terminology standards Preparation and layout
ISO 690:2010 Information and documentation Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources
ISO 128-34:2001 Technical drawings General principles of presentation Part 34: Views on mechanical engineering drawings
ISO/TR 9007:1987 Information processing systems Concepts and terminology for the conceptual schema and the information base
ISO 690-2:1997 Information and documentation Bibliographic references Part 2: Electronic documents or parts thereof
ISO/IEC 15288:2008 Systems and software engineering System life cycle processes
ISO 128-44:2001 Technical drawings General principles of presentation Part 44: Sections on mechanical engineering drawings
ISO 128-30:2001 Technical drawings General principles of presentation Part 30: Basic conventions for views
ISO/IEC 12207:2008 Systems and software engineering Software life cycle processes
ISO/IEC 42010:2007 Systems and software engineering Recommended practice for architectural description of software-intensive systems

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