• Multi-user PDF Formats

    About Multi User PDFs

    Types of Multi User PDFs

    You can now buy Multi User PDFs for up to and including:

    • 3 users

    • 5 users

    • 9 users

    How do I buy one?

    Multi User PDFs are available from some publishers on our Infostore (Standards Australia in particlar) depending on the standard.

    Where available they'll be listed in the product formats for that standard. Simply select the number of users and add to your cart

    What can I do with my Multi User PDF?

    Multi User icon

    PDF for 3*, 5, 9 users

    Each user can:
    Print 2 copies
    Save a backup to USB/Network.
    The Standard is locked to each user's computer.
    Software installation required

    * This format replaces Multi User PDF (3)

    Removal of Multi User PDF (3) format

    By directive from Standards Australia, we will no longer be selling Multi User PDF (3) (PDF Networkable) Format for Standards Australia from the Infostore.

    We supply Standards from many different publishers and they have their own requirements as to how users can use their content.

    Instructions for Multi User PDFs

    What do I need to do to distribute my PDF to my colleagues?

    1. Log in to the My Orders page. Orders with a Multi-user PDF will show this message:
        Your order contains Multi-user PDF/s. Please use Add function below to distribute the PDF to users.
    2. Click to expand the order details.
      Look for the Add button and select to expand the form.
    3. Then add each users First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
      Click on Add user to add more users or Submit when you have finished. The page will prompt you to confirm the details you have provided.
    4. Please click on Submit to confirm or Edit User to cancel the prompt and verify user details.
      You will get a success message once the PDF has been sent to the user.
    5. To add users later, simply Login
    6. Select Account and then My Orders

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