• Effective Standards Management in the Construction Sector 

    Standards support the sustainable growth of the construction sector as the industry continues to digitalise and enable the roll-out of technologies such as 3D printing and modular builds that make the sector more efficient. They do this by ensuring emerging technologies are made safe and trustworthy, and they establish a level playing field against which legislators can regulate the industry without restricting innovation.

    Keeping up to date with Standards within the construction sector is an ongoing challenge for organisations that the i2i platform can assist with. 

    i2i in construction

    The i2i platform* is a world-class Standards Management platform designed to enable access to Standards for every employee anytime and anywhere.

    With i2i, you can:

    • • Access a flexible and dynamic Standards solution that can adjust with your organisation.
    • • Build a Standards collection that meets the needs of your organisational requirements today and into the future.
    • • Utilise a centralised approach to Standards management with intelligent search and retrieval capabilities
    • • Enhance collaboration with users and gain the confidence your Standards collection always uses the most up to date versions.

    There is no limit to the number of users who can access i2i, giving everyone access to critical information and building a culture of collaboration and compliance. Standards which are added to a collection and available to view on i2i are available for every user, saving money on repeat PDF purchases. 

    Choose the package below that best suits your needs.

    *NSAI i2i Standards Management Platform, managed by SAI Global

  • Package options

    Package Inclusions
    Option 1
    • Annual subscription to i2i
    • Open Access to 20 NSAI Standards, including I.S., EN & ISO
    • Priced at €995
    Option 2
    • Annual subscription to i2i
    • Open Access to 50 NSAI Standards
    • Priced at €1700


    (at an additional cost)

    • Add Standards from other publishers when required, eg. BSI, ASTM, NFPA
    • Online “View Only” access to I.S. 10101
    • If you use up all your Standards credits, you can add more to your subscription