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    Withdrawn date:  22-07-2013


    Published date:  23-11-2012

    Publisher:  British Standards Institution

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    Committee GEL/86/1
    Document Type Draft
    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Withdrawn

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    IEC 60794-3:2014 Optical fibre cables - Part 3: Outdoor cables - Sectional specification
    IEC 60793-1-44:2011 Optical fibres - Part 1-44: Measurement methods and test procedures - Cut-off wavelength
    IEC 60793-2:2015 Optical fibres - Part 2: Product specifications - General
    IEC 60304:1982 Standard colours for insulation for low-frequency cables and wires
    IEC 60794-1-2:2017 Optical fibre cables - Part 1-2: Generic specification - Basic optical cable test procedures - General guidance
    IEC 60794-1-1:2015 Optical fibre cables - Part 1-1: Generic specification - General
    IEC 60793-1-40:2001 Optical fibres - Part 1-40: Measurement methods and test procedures - Attenuation
    IEC 60068-2-2:2007 Environmental testing - Part 2-2: Tests - Test B: Dry heat
    IEC 60811-1-1:1993+AMD1:2001 CSV Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables and optical cables - Part 1-1: Methods for general application - Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions - Tests for determining the mechanical properties
    IEC 60811-5-1:1990+AMD1:2003 CSV Insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables - Common test methods - Part 5-1: Methods specific to filling compounds - Drop-point - Separation of oil - Lower temperature brittleness - Total acid number - Absence of corrosive components - Permittivity at 23 °C - DC resistivity at 23 °C and 100 °C
    IEC 60793-1-20:2014 Optical fibres - Part 1-20: Measurement methods and test procedures - Fibre geometry
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