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BS 3142-2:1990



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Specification for manufactured solid smokeless fuels for household use Cokes for domestic openable and closed appliances and open fires with fan-assisted primary air

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Committees responsible
1 Scope
2 Sampling and preparation of samples
3 Size
4 Total moisture
5 Combustion test
6 Quality control
A Sampling procedure
B Preparation of samples for testing
C Determination of undersize and oversize
D Determination of total moisture
E Combustion test
F Quality control
G Calibration of the thermostat
1 Alternative methods of assessing results
1 Test setting for boiler performance tests
2 QW/JS thermostat
3 Fittings for water temperature measurement
4 Ignition burner for simulated town or coke oven gas
   (1st family gas)
5 Ignition burner for natural gas (2nd family gas)
6 Thermostat calibration curves
7 Modified valve plate mounting

Sampling, size, moisture content and combustion performance.

Supersedes 89/50134 DC and BS 3142-2(1965) (07/2005) Reviewed and confirmed by BSI, November 2012. (10/2012)
British Standards Institution

This Part of BS 3142 specifies the sampling procedure, requirements and test methods for cokes at producers’ works, intended for use in coke-burning openable and closed domestic appliances and open fires operating with fan-assisted primary air. These cokes have an overall nominal aperture size range of 10.0 mm to 45.0 mm in accordance with the square aperture plate in Table 3 of BS 410:1986 and are classified as follows:

S (singles): nominal size range 10.0 mm to 25.0 mm square hole

D (doubles): nominal size range 16.0 mm to 45.0 mm square hole

The specification applies to cokes produced under the following manufacturing arrangements:

  1. S only;
  2. S and D simultaneously from the same coals.

NOTE 1 When a plant is producing S and D coke simultaneously the reactivities of these cokes will be similar. For this reason a combustion test on the S coke is regarded as providing adequate control of the quality of the D coke and no separate combustion test of the D coke is required by this Part of BS 3142.

NOTE 2 The cokes may be dispatched in weighed bags and/or in bulk.

NOTE 3 The titles of the publications referred to in this Part of BS 3142 are listed on the inside back cover.

BS 1740:1965 Specification for pipe fittings iron and steel (screwed BSP thread).
BS 1016-2:1973 Methods for analysis and testing of coal and coke Total moisture of coke
BS 4937-4:1973 International thermocouple reference tables Nickel -chromium/nickel - aluminium thermocouples. Type K
BS 1016-18:1981 Methods for analysis and testing of coal and coke Size analysis of coke
BS 41:1973 Specification for cast iron spigot and socket flue or smoke pipes and fittings
BS 792:1973 Specification for mild steel dustbins
BS 1387:1985 Specification for screwed and socketed steel tubes and tubulars and for plain end steel tubes suitable for welding or for screwing to BS 21 pipe threads
BS 1016-13:1980 Methods for analysis and testing of coal and coke Tests special to coke
BS 1017-2:1960 The sampling of coal and coke. Sampling of coke

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