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BS 6896:1991



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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Specification for installation of gas-fired overhead radiant heaters for industrial and commercial heating (2nd and 3rd family gases)

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Committees responsible
Section 1. General
1. Scope
2. Definitions
Section 2. Installation
3. Heat input requirements for full space heating
4. Materials and components
5. Appliances
6. Siting
7. Air supply
8. Building ventilation
9. Gas supplies and pipework
10. Electrical controls and connections
11. Other controls
12. Flues
Section 3. Inspection and commissioning
13. Inspection
14. Commissioning
15. Instructions
16. Servicing
A. Exchange of information
B. Checks to be carried out prior to commissioning
c. Testing for carbon dioxide in the environment
1. Ventilation openings
2. Ventilation openings/flow rate

Installation, inspection and commissioning of heaters for the heating of premises other than domestic.

Supersedes BS 6896(1987). (06/2004) Supersedes 89/71641 DC (08/2005)
British Standards Institution

PD 6686:2006 Guidance on directives, regulations and standards related to prevention of fire and explosion in the process industries

BS 5986:1980 Specification for electrical safety and performance of gas fired space heating appliances with inputs 60 kW to 2 MW
BS 731-2:1958 Specification. Flexible steel conduit for cable protection and flexible steel tubing to enclose flexible drives. Flexible steel tubing to enclose flexible drives for power driven tools for general purposes
BS 1179-6:1980 Glossary of terms used in the gas industry Combustion and utilization including installation at consumers\' premises
BS 5482-1:1979 Domestic butane- and propane-gas-burning installations Installations in permanent dwellings
BS 3554-1:1971 Specification for gas governors Independent governors for inlet pressures up to 25 mbar
BS 731-1:1952 Flexible steel conduit for cable protection and flexible steel tubing to enclose flexible drives Flexible steel conduit and adaptors for the protection of electric cable
BS 41:1973 Specification for cast iron spigot and socket flue or smoke pipes and fittings
BS 6501-1:1984 Flexible metallic hose assemblies Specification for corrugated hose assemblies
BS 6974:1991 Specification for unsintered PTFE tape for thread sealing applications (coarse threads)
BS 1387:1985 Specification for screwed and socketed steel tubes and tubulars and for plain end steel tubes suitable for welding or for screwing to BS 21 pipe threads
BS 715:1993 Specification for metal flue pipes, fittings, terminals and accessories for gas-fired appliances with a rated input not exceeding 60 kW
BS 5345-2:1983 Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of electrical apparatus for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (other than mining applications or explosive processing and manufacture) Classification of hazardous areas
BS 864:1953 Capillary and compression tube fittings of copper and copper alloy for use with copper tube complying with BS 659 and BS 1386.
BS 7186:1989 Specification for non-domestic gas-fired overhead radiant tube heaters
BS 669-2:1988 Flexible hoses, end fittings and sockets for gas burning appliances Specification for corrugated metallic flexible hoses, covers, end fittings and sockets for catering appliances burning 1st and 2nd family gases
BS 5720:1979 Code of practice for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in buildings
BS 1179:1967 Glossary of terms used in the gas industry
BS 3554-2:1972 Specification for gas governors Independent governors for inlet pressures up to 350 mbar

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