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BS 7430:1991



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Code of practice for earthing

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Committees responsible
Code of practice
Section 1. General
1 Scope
2 Definitions
Section 2. Earthing and the provision of a path for
earth fault currents
3 Supply system earthing
4 Electrical equipment earthing
5 System and equipment protection
Section 3. Earthing methods
6 Factors involved in effective earthing
7 Soil resistivity
8 Effect of shape on electrode resistance
9 Resistance of common types of earth electrodes
10 Selection of a material for an earth electrode or a
    buried uninsulated earthing conductor
11 Miscellaneous types of electrode
12 Earthing cathodically protected structures
13 Selection of an earthing conductor and connection to
    an electrode
14 Current density at the surface of an earth electrode
15 Potential gradient around earth electrodes
16 Periodic inspection and testing of the earthing
    system and measurement of resistance of installed
    electrodes and earthing conductors
Section 4. Earthing applications
17 Generating plant
18 Power stations and substations
19 Earthing associated with overhead power lines
20 Consumers' electrical installations
21 Temporary scaffolding and similar metallic
22 Telecommunication circuits and equipment
23 Lightning protection and earthing
24 Mines and quarries
25 Street lighting and other electrically supplied
    street furniture
26 Hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres)
27 Earthing of conductors for safe working
28 Electric traction
1 Examples of soil resistivity
2 Factors for parallel electrodes arranged in line
3 Factors for electrodes arranged in a hollow square
4 Minimum sizes of components for earth electrodes
5 Coefficients for strip or round conductor electrodes
6 Recommended materials for the manufacture of
    earthing components
7 Corrosion resistance of some electrode materials
    related to soil parameters
8 Suitability of materials for bonding together
9 Geometric mean distance z for closely spaced
    reinforcing rods
10 Earth fault current densities for 1 s duration for
    earthing conductors with initial conductor
    temperature of 30 deg C
11 Earth fault currents for copper strip earthing
12 Earth fault currents for aluminium strip earthing
13 Values of K and beta
14 Values of current densities for earthing conductors
1 TN systems
2 TT and IT systems
3 Effect of buried length of rod or pipe electrode on
    calculated resistance for soil resistivity of 100
    ohm.m (assumed uniform)
4 Effect of inter-electrode spacing on combined
5 Calculated and experimental curves of resistance of
    12.5 mm diameter driven rod electrodes
6 Resistance of horizontal strip electrodes
7 Effect of spacing on combined resistance of two
    horizontal strip electrodes
8 Ground surface potentials around a single rod and
    three rods in line
9 Potential gradient in the vicinity of a horizontal
    strip electrode
10 Potential distribution between rod electrodes
11 Measurement of earth electrode resistance
12 Earth resistance curves
13 Measurement of earth resistivity
14 Single low voltage standby generator (without
    paralleling facility)
15 Low voltage standby generators with neutrals
16 Low voltage standby generators with neutral earthing
17 Low voltage standby generators with star-point
18 Single high voltage standby generating set not
    suitable for parallel operation with incoming mains
19 Single high voltage standby generating set suitable
    for parallel operation with incoming mains supply
20 Multiple high voltage standby generating sets with
    neutral earthing transformer suitable for parallel
    operation with each other and with the incoming
    mains supply
21 Multiple high voltage standby generating sets
    suitable for parallel operation with each other and
    with the incoming mains supply
22 Low voltage standby generating sets with generator
    transformers giving a high voltage supply and
    suitable for parallel operation with the incoming
    mains supply
23 Earthing arrangement and protective conductors for
    consumers' installations
24 Method of supplying electricity to caravan pitch
    electrical equipment

Guidance on earthing of electrical supply systems, electrical installations and connected equipment, for the proper operation of systems and the protection of human and animal life. Covers basic principles, earthing methods and most general applications. Certain special applications are covered only by references to other standards.

SUPERSEDES CP 1013:1965. BS draft 98/260937 DC refers to amendment.
British Standards Institution

BS 7121-5:1997 Code of practice for safe use of cranes Tower cranes
BS 6259:1997 Code of practice for the design, planning, installation, testing and maintenance of sound systems
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BS 7535:1992 Guide to the use of electrical apparatus complying with BS 5501 or BS 6941 in the presence of combustible dusts
BS 6701:1994 Code of practice for installation of apparatus intended for connection to certain telecommunication systems
BS 7083:1996 Guide to the accommodation and operating environment for information technology (IT) equipment

BS 4752-1:1977 Specification for switchgear and controlgear for voltages up to and including 1000 V a.c. and 1200 V d.c. Circuit-breakers
BS 3871-1:1965 Specification for miniature and moulded case circuit-breakers Miniature air-break circuit-breakers for a.c. circuits
BS 3288-1:1973 Insulator and conductor fittings for overhead power lines Performance and general requirements
BS 3571-1:1985 MIG welding Specification for MIG welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys
BS 215-2:1970 Specification for aluminium conductors and aluminium conductors, steel-reinforced for overhead power transmission Aluminium conductors, steel-reinforced
BS 215-1:1970 Specification for aluminium conductors and aluminium conductors, steel-reinforced for overhead power transmission Aluminium stranded conductors
BS 3019-1:1984 TIG welding Specification for TIG welding of aluminium, magnesium and their alloys
BS 7361-1:1991 Cathodic protection Code of practice for land and marine applications

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