• BS EN IEC 62828-1:2018

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    Reference conditions and procedures for testing industrial and process measurement transmitters General procedures for all types of transmitters

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    Published date:  24-05-2018

    Publisher:  British Standards Institution

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    This Part of IEC62828 establishes a general framework for defining reference conditions and test procedures applicable to all types of industrial and process measurement transmitters (PMTs) used in measuring and control systems for industrial process and machinery. These reference test conditions are divided into “standard reference conditions”, which apply when determining the accuracy of measurement, and “ambient and process reference conditions”, which are used to assess the influence of external quantities on the measurement.

    For the purpose of this document, an analogue PMT is a process measurement transmitter with an analogue current or voltage output, irrespective of the technology adopted and the complexity of the circuitry. All the other process measurement transmitters, with digital output only or with hybrid analogue and digital output (e.g. HART®), are considered to be digital PMTs.

    For general test procedures, reference is made to IEC62828-1, which is applicable to all types of industrial and process measurement transmitters.

    Additional specific test procedures for given types of PMTs (pressure, temperature, level, flow) are covered by other parts of this series.

    NOTE1 In industrial and process applications, to indicate the process measurement transmitters it is common also to use the terms “industrial transmitters”, or “process transmitters”.

    NOTE2 For better clarity, when the complete definition “industrial and process measurement transmitter” makes the sentence too long in this document, the short term “transmitter” is used instead.

    Proximity devices with analogue output are excluded from the scope of this document.

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    Committee GEL/65/2
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Current
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