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BS EN ISO/IEC 25064:2017



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Systems and software engineering. Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE). Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability: User needs report

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2017 Edition incorporates corrigendum to BS ISO/IEC 25064. Renumbers and supersedes BS ISO/IEC 25064. Supersedes 11/30236628 DC. (10/2017)
British Standards Institution

This International Standard describes the Common Industry Format (CIF) for reporting user needs. This specifies the contents and provides a sample format of user needs reports. Specification of management needs, as well as other stakeholder needs, is considered to the extent that they directly impact on user needs. The purpose of the User Needs Report and the intended users of the information are identified, as well as the relationship of user needs to other outputs of human-centred design. The audience of this standard includes all users stated in the scope of ISO/IEC25000. AnnexB of ISO/IEC25000 describes the users of the information item “user needs report?? in detail. AnnexA of this International Standard provides a list of typical users of a User Needs Report.

User Needs Reports include:

  • documentation of information collected from various sources relevant to user needs

  • the consolidated user needs based on the analysis of the collected information

The User Needs Report is applicable to software and hardware systems, products or services (excluding generic products, such as a display screen or keyboard). User Needs Reports are relevant for existing and new products, services and systems, although the extent to which use needs are reported depends upon the type of system, product, or service involved. It can also contribute to determining, verifying, changing and elaborating the context of use. The content elements are intended to be used as part of system-level documentation resulting from development processes such as those in ISO9241-210 and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 process standards.

This International Standard does not prescribe any kind of method, lifecycle or process. To ensure that these content elements can be used within the broadest range of process models and used in combination with other information items, the descriptions use the classifications in ISO/IEC15289 and ISO/IEC15504-6.

NOTE The content elements documenting user needs can be integrated in any process models. For the purpose of establishing process models, ISO/IEC24774 and ISO/IEC15504-2 specify the format and conformance requirements for process models respectively. In addition ISO/IEC15289 defines the types and content of information items developed and used in process models for system and software lifecycle management. ISO/IEC15504-5 and 6 define work products, including information items, for the purpose of process capability assessment. Process models and associated information items for human-centred design of interactive systems are contained in ISOTR18529 and ISOTS18152 respectively.

Standards Relationship
EN ISO/IEC 25064:2017 Identical
ISO/IEC 25064:2013 Identical

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ISO/IEC 15504-5:2012 Information technology Process assessment Part 5: An exemplar software life cycle process assessment model
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ISO/TR 16982:2002 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Usability methods supporting human-centred design

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