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BS ISO 22915-20:2008



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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Industrial trucks. Verification of stability Trucks operating with offset load, offset determined by utilisation. Stability tests

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Supersedes 06/30133928 DC. (07/2008)
British Standards Institution

ISO22915 deals with the safety of industrial trucks, as defined in ISO5053, relative to their stability and the verification of that stability. For the purposes of ISO22915, industrial trucks are wheeled, self-propelled or pedestrian-propelled vehicles, excepting those running on rails. They are either operator-controlled or driverless and designed to carry, tow, push, lift, stack or tier in racks. This part of ISO22915 specifies an additional test for verifying the stability of a laden truck whose utilization creates the special operating condition whereby the load centre of gravity is substantially offset from the truck\'s longitudinal centre plane. It is applicable to the following types of truck: counterbalanced trucks, as specified in ISO22915-2; reach (retractable mast or forks) and straddle trucks, as specified in ISO22915-3; pallet stackers, as specified in ISO22915-4; bidirectional and multidirectional (retractable mast or forks) trucks, as specified in ISO22195-7; rough-terrain variable reach trucks1); counterbalanced trucks fitted with articulated steering1); variable reach trucks1); rough-terrain trucks with mast. A load is considered to be substantially offset if displaced by more than 100mm, for a truck with a rated capacity10000kg and

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ISO 22915-20:2008 Identical

ISO 5053:1987 Powered industrial trucks Terminology

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