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BS ISO/IEC 10164-10:1995



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Systems management Usage metering function for accounting purposes

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1 Scope
2 Normative references
   2.1 Identical Recommendations/International
   2.2 Paired Recommendations/International
         Standards equivalent in technical content
3 Definitions
   3.1 Basic reference model definitions
   3.2 Management framework definitions
   3.3 Systems management overview definitions
   3.4 Common management information definitions
   3.5 Management information model definitions
   3.6 Log control function definitions
   3.7 Definitions specific to this standard
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 Requirements for usage metering
7 Model for usage metering and usage logs
   7.1 Model for accounting
   7.2 Model for usage metering
         7.2.1 Usage metering control
         7.2.2 Usage metering data
         7.2.3 Relationships between accountable objects
                usage metering control and usage metering
                data objects
         7.2.4 Operation of usage meters
   7.3 Model for usage metering records
   7.4 Specialization of usage data
8 Generic definitions
   8.1 Usage metering control
         8.1.1 Generic usage metering control
         8.1.2 Metering control object package
         8.1.3 Metering control capabilities package
         8.1.4 Packages for usage metering actions
         8.1.5 Packages for usage metering notifications
   8.2 Usage metering data
         8.2.1 Generic usage metering data functionality
         8.2.2 Metering data object package
         8.2.3 Metering data info package
         8.2.4 Conditional packages
         8.2.5 Usage metering data report notifications
   8.3 Usage metering records
   8.4 Parameter definitions
         8.4.1 Denied metering action
   8.5 Compliance
9 Service definition
   9.1 Usage metering management service
         9.1.1 Usage metering action service
         9.1.2 Usage metering action notification service
         9.1.3 Usage metering data report notification
10 Functional units
11 Protocol
   11.1 Abstract syntax
         11.1.1 Usage metering objects
         11.1.2 Management attributes
         11.1.3 Management actions
         11.1.4 Management notification
   11.2 Elements of procedure
         11.2.1 Action invocation
         11.2.2 Receipt of action
         11.2.3 Action response
         11.2.4 Receipt of action response
         11.2.5 Action notification invocation
         11.2.6 Receipt of action notification
         11.2.7 Data notification invocation
         11.2.8 Receipt of data notification
   11.3 Negotiations of functional unit
12 Relationship with other functions
13 Conformance
   13.1 Static conformance
   13.2 Dynamic conformance
   13.3 Management implementation conformance statement
Annex A Usage metering templates and abstract syntax
         A.1 Definitions of managed object classes
         A.2 Definition of packages
         A.3 Definition of attributes
         A.4 Definition of notification types
         A.5 Definition of actions
         A.6 Definition of behaviour
         A.7 Definition of name binding
              A.7.1 Usage meter data
              A.7.2 Usage meter control
         A.8 Parameter Templates
         A.9 Definition of ASN.1 modules
Annex B MCS proforma
Annex C MICS proforma
Annex D MOCS proforma
Annex E MIDS proforma
Annex F MRCS proforma
Annex G PICS proforma
Annex H Example use of the usage information
         H.1 Using the usage metering function for PSTN
         H.2 Metering of the MHS service provided by an
              X.400 MTA
Appendix I - Alternative ASN.1 definition
             I.1 Definition of ASN.1 modules
             I.2 Example for PSTN usage information

Specifies a systems management operation for use by an application process in a centralized or decentralized management environment. It specifies the usage metering function, consisting of service and generic definitions.

Supersedes 92/65169 DC. (10/2006)
British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
ISO/IEC 10164-10:1995 Identical

ISO/IEC 9595:1998 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Common management information service
ISO/IEC 8824:1990 Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
ISO/IEC 8825:1990 Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Basic Encoding Rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
ISO/IEC 9596-1:1998 Information technology Open Systems Interconnection Common management information protocol Part 1: Specification
ISO/IEC 7498-4:1989 Information processing systems Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model Part 4: Management framework

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