• CLC/TR 50173-99-2:2020

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    Information technology - Implementation of BCT applications using cabling in accordance with EN 50173-4

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    Published date:  20-03-2020

    Publisher:  European Committee for Standards - Electrical

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    This document describes the following:a)the functional elements and structure of the cabling, external to homes, supporting community antenna television (CATV) and master antenna television/satellite master antenna television (MATV/SMATV) networks in accordance with EN 60728 1;b)the location and accommodation of the home network interface (HNI) in accordance with EN 60728 1;c)requirements for additional cabling performance requirements (i.e. insertion loss slope between 47 MHz and 862 MHz) and necessary amendments of the reference implementations of generic cabling within the home in accordance with EN 50173 4 in order to support the CATV, MATV/SMATV networks in accordance with EN 60728 1.Safety (electrical safety and protection, optical power, fire, etc.) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this document and are covered by standards and regulations. However, information given in this document could be of assistance in meeting these standards and regulations.

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    Document Type Technical Report
    Publisher European Committee for Standards - Electrical
    Status Current
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