• DIN EN 62271-203 : 2012

    Superseded A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.


    Available format(s):  Hardcopy

    Superseded date:  13-04-2023

    Language(s):  German

    Published date:  01-11-2012

    Publisher:  Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker

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    1 General
       1.1 Scope
       1.2 Normative references
    2 Normal and special service conditions
       2.1 Normal service conditions
       2.2 Special service conditions
    3 Terms and definitions
    4 Ratings
       4.1 Rated voltage for equipment (U[r])
       4.2 Rated insulation level
       4.3 Rated frequency (f[r])
       4.4 Rated normal current and temperature rise
       4.5 Rated short-time withstand current (I[k])
       4.6 Rated peak withstand current (I[p])
       4.7 Rated duration of short-circuit (t[k])
       4.8 Rated supply voltage of closing and opening devices
            and of auxiliary and control circuits (U[a])
       4.9 Rated supply frequency of closing and opening
            devices and of auxiliary circuits
       4.10 Rated pressure of compressed gas supply for
            insulation and/or operation
    5 Design and construction
       5.1 Requirements for liquids in switchgear and
       5.2 Requirements for gases in switchgear and
       5.3 Earthing of switchgear and controlgear
       5.4 Auxiliary and control equipment
       5.5 Dependent power operation
       5.6 Stored energy operation
       5.7 Independent manual operation
       5.8 Operation of releases
       5.9 Low- and high-pressure interlocking and
            monitoring devices
       5.10 Nameplates
       5.11 Interlocking devices
       5.12 Position indication
       5.13 Degrees of protection by enclosures
       5.14 Creepage distances
       5.15 Gas and vacuum tightness
       5.16 Liquid tightness
       5.17 Flammability
       5.18 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    6 Type tests
       6.1 General
       6.2 Dielectric tests
       6.3 Radio interference voltage (r.i.v.) test
       6.4 Measurement of the resistance of circuits
       6.5 Temperature-rise tests
       6.6 Short-time withstand current and peak withstand
            current tests
       6.7 Verification of the protection
       6.8 Gas tightness tests
       6.9 Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)
       6.10 Additional tests on auxiliary and control circuits
    7 Routine tests
       7.1 Dielectric test on the main circuit
       7.2 Tests on auxiliary and control circuits
       7.3 Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit
       7.4 Tightness test
       7.5 Design and visual checks
    8 Guide to the selection of switchgear and controlgear
    9 Information to be given with enquiries, tenders and
    10 Rules for transport, storage, installation, operation
       and maintenance
       10.1 Conditions during transport, storage and installation
       10.2 Installation
       10.3 Operation
       10.4 Maintenance
    11 Safety
    12 Environmental aspects
    Annex A (normative) Test procedure for dielectric test
                          on three-phase encapsulated GIS,
                          range II
      A.1 Dielectric procedures for three phases in one GIS
      A.2 Application of test requirements
    Annex B (normative) Methods for testing gas-insulated
                          metal-enclosed switchgear under
                          conditions of arcing due to an
                          internal fault
      B.1 Introduction
      B.2 Short-circuit current arcing test
      B.3 Composite verification by calculation and
           separate tests
    Annex C (informative) Technical and practical
                          considerations of site testing
      C.1 Test voltage generators
      C.2 Locating discharges
      C.3 Special test procedures
      C.4 Partial discharge measurements
      C.5 Electrical conditioning
      C.6 Repetition tests
      C.7 Partial discharge detection method
    Annex D (informative) Calculations related to an internal
      D.1 Calculation of pressure rise due to an internal
    Annex E (informative) Information to be given with enquiries,
                          tenders and orders
      E.1 Introduction
      E.2 Normal and special service conditions
      E.3 Ratings
      E.4 Design and construction
      E.5 Bus ducts
      E.6 Circuit-breaker
      E.7 Disconnector and earthing switch
      E.8 Bushing
      E.9 Cable connection
      E.10 Transformer connection
      E.11 Current transformer
      E.12 Inductive voltage transformer
      E.13 Documentation for enquiries and tenders

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    Development Note Supersedes DIN EN 60517 and DIN IEC 60517 (DRAFT). (11/2004) Supersedes DIN IEC 62271-203. (11/2012)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By
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