• DIN EN 62310-2 : 2007

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    Available format(s):  Hardcopy

    Language(s):  German

    Published date:  01-09-2007

    Publisher:  Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker

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    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Terms and definitions
      3.1 General definitions
      3.2 Circuit characteristics - Specified values
      3.3 EMC definitions
      3.4 Environments
    4 STS categories
      4.1 STS of category C1
      4.2 STS of category 2
      4.3 STS of category C3
      4.4 STS of category C4
      4.5 Categories and environment
    5 Emission
      5.1 General requirements
      5.2 General measurement conditions
      5.3 Conducted emissions
      5.4 Radiated emissions
    6 Immunity
      6.1 General requirements and performance criteria
      6.2 Basic immunity requirements - high-frequency disturbances
      6.3 Immunity to low-frequency signals
      6.4 Immunity to power frequency magnetic field
      6.5 Immunity to voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage
    Annex A (normative) Electromagnetic emission - Test methods
    Annex B (informative) Electromagnetic emission limits of magnetic
            field - H field
    Annex C (informative) Electromagnetic emission - Limits of signal
    Annex D (normative) Electromagnetic immunity - Test methods
    Annex E (informative) User installation testing (in situ testing)
    Annex ZA (normative) Normative references to international
             publications with their corresponding European
    Annex ZZ (informative) Coverage of Essential Requirements of EC

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Pertains to free standing operation a.c. static transfer systems (STS) intended to ensure the continuity of load supply through controlled transfer, with or without interruption of power, from two or more independent a.c. sources.

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    Development Note Supersedes DIN IEC 62310-2. (09/2007)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
    Status Current
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