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EN 15188:2020



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Determination of the spontaneous ignition behaviour of dust accumulations

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This European Standard specifies analysis and evaluation procedures for determining self-ignition temperatures (TSI) of combustible dusts or granular materials as a function of volume by hot storage experiments in ovens of constant temperature. The specified test method is applicable to any solid material for which the linear correlation of lg (V/A) versus the reciprocal self-ignition temperature 1/TSI (with TSI in K) holds (i.e. not limited to only oxidatively unstable materials).This European Standard is not applicable to the ignition of dust layers or bulk solids under aerated conditions (e.g. as in fluid bed dryer).This European Standard shall not be applied to dusts like recognised explosives that do not require atmospheric oxygen for combustion, nor to pyrophoric materials.NOTEBecause of regulatory and safety reasons "recognised explosives" are not in the scope of this European Standard. In spite of that, substances which undergo thermal decomposition reactions and which are not "recognised explosives" but behave very similarly to self-ignition processes when they decompose are in the scope. If there are any doubts as to whether the dust is an explosive or not, experts should be consulted.

CEN/TC 305
Comite Europeen de Normalisation

Standards Relationship
NEN-EN 15188:2020 Identical
ÖNORM EN 15188:2021 07 01 Identical
NS-EN 15188:2020 Identical
UNI EN 15188:2021 Identical
NF EN 15188:2020 Identical
PN-EN 15188:2021-05 Identical
SN EN 15188:2021 Identical
PN-EN 15188:2021-05 Identical
UNE-EN 15188:2021 Identical
I.S. EN 15188:2020 Identical

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