• EN 50388-1:2022

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    Railway Applications - Fixed installations and rolling stock - Technical criteria for the coordination between electric traction power supply systems and rolling stock to achieve interoperability - Part 1: General

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    Published date:  29-07-2022

    Publisher:  European Committee for Standards - Electrical

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    This document establishes requirements for the electrical aspects to achieve technical compatibility between rolling stock and electric traction systems, limited to:-co-ordination of protection principles between power supply and traction units, i.e. separation sections, train set current or power limitation, short circuit current discrimination, breaker coordination and use of regenerative braking.-co-ordination of installed power on the line and the power demand of trains, i.e. traction unit power factor, train set current or power limitation, electric system performance, type and characterization.-compatibility assessment relating to harmonics and dynamic effects.Informative values are given for some parts of the existing European railway networks, in annexes.NOTEFor those railways within the scope of EU Interoperability Directive, definitive values are set out in the register of infrastructure published in accordance with Article 49 of Directive (EU) 2016/797, and the list of items included in the register is described in the commission decision (EU) 2019/777.The following electric traction systems are within the scope of this document:-railways;-guided mass transport systems that are integrated with railways;-material transport systems that are integrated with railways.Information is given on electrification parameters to enable train operating companies to confirm, after consultation with the rolling stock manufacturers, that risks of non-compatibility are minimized and that there will be no consequential disturbance on the electrification system.The interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line is dealt with in EN 50367:2020.The interaction with the control-command and signalling subsystem is not dealt with in this document.Basic considerations have been included concerning the use of accumulator trains.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher European Committee for Standards - Electrical
    Status Current
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