• I.S. 465:2018

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    Assessment, testing and categorisation of damaged buildings incorporating concrete blocks containing certain deleterious materials

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    Withdrawn date:  25-09-2020

    Language(s):  English

    Published date:  14-11-2018

    Publisher:  National Standards Authority of Ireland

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    This Irish Standard:a) establishes a protocol for assessing and determining whether a building has been damaged by concrete blocks containing excessive amounts of certain deleterious materials (aggregate containing free or unbound muscovite mica or potentially deleterious quantities of pyrite);b) describes methods for establishing the extent of the problem and categorises dwellings; c) describes the scope of any testing required and evaluation of the findings; and d) provides the Chartered Engineer with guidance on the selection of appropriate remedial works to be undertaken.

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    Document Type Standard
    Product Note THIS STANDARD ALSO REFERS TO S.R. 325, I.S. EN 12504‐1, I.S. EN 1744‐1:2009+A1:2012, I.S. EN 771-3, I.S. EN 197‐1, I.S. 398-1, I.S. 20‐1, S.R. 16, BS 1881‐211:2016,BS 1881‐124,EN 12620:2002+A1:2008.
    Publisher National Standards Authority of Ireland
    Status Withdrawn
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