• I.S. EN 60298:1999

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    Superseded date:  26-03-2004

    Language(s):  English

    Published date:  01-01-1999

    Publisher:  National Standards Authority of Ireland

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    Committees responsible
    National foreword
    Section 1 - General
    1 Scope
    Section 2 - Service conditions
    2 Normal and special service conditions
    Section 3 - Terms and definitions
    3 Definitions
    Section 4 - Rated characteristics
    4 Rating
    4.1 Rated voltage
    4.2 Rated insulation level
    4.3 Rated frequency
    4.4 Rated normal current and temperature rise
    4.5 Rated short-time withstand current
    4.6 Rated peak withstand current
    4.7 Rated duration of short circuit
    4.8 Rated supply voltage of closing and opening
           devices and auxiliary circuits
    4.9 Rated supply frequency of operating devices and
           auxiliary circuits
    4.10 Rated pressure of compressed gas supply
           for operation
    4.101 Rated filling pressure
           (of gas-filled compartments)
    Section 5 - Rules for design and construction
    5 Design
    5.1 Requirements for liquids in switchgear
           and controlgear
    5.2 Requirements for gases in switchgear
           and controlgear
    5.3 Earthing
    5.4 Auxiliary equipment
    5.5 Dependent power closing
    5.6 Stored energy closing
    5.7 Operating of releases
    5.8 Low and high pressure interlocking devices
    5.9 Nameplates
    5.101 Degree of protection and internal fault
    5.102 Enclosure
    5.103 Partitions and shutters
    5.104 Pressure relief of gas-filled compartments
    5.105 Disconnectors and earthing switches
    5.106 Interlocks
    5.107 Provisions for dielectric tests on cables
    Section 6 - Rules for type tests
    6 Type tests
    6.1 Dielectric tests
    6.2 Radio interference voltage (RIV) tests
    6.3 Temperature-rise tests
    6.4 Measurement of the resistance of the
           main circuit
    6.5 Short-time and peak withstand current tests
    6.101 Verification of making and breaking
    6.102 Mechanical operation tests
    6.103 Verification of the IP-coding
    6.104 Pressure withstand test for gas-filled
    6.105 Gas tightness tests of gas-filled
    6.106 Measurement of leakage currents
    6.107 Weatherproofing test
    6.108 Arcing due to internal fault
    6.109 Mechanical impact tests
    Section 7 - Rules for routine tests
    7 Routine tests
    7.1 Power-frequency voltage tests on the
           main circuit
    7.2 Dielectric tests on auxiliary and control
    7.3 Measurement of the resistance of the
           main circuit
    7.101 Partial discharge measurement
    7.102 Mechanical operation tests
    7.103 Pressure tests of gas-filled compartments
    7.104 Gas tightness tests of gas-filled compartments
    7.105 Tests of auxiliary electrical, pneumatic and
           hydraulic devices
    7.106 Verification of correct wiring
    7.107 Tests after erection on site
    7.108 Measurement of gas condition after filling
           on site
    Section 8 - General information
    8 Guide to the selection of switching devices
           for service
    9 Information to be given with enquiries,
           tenders for service
    9.101 Information with enquiries and orders
    9.102 Information with tenders
    10 Rules for transport, storage, erection and
    10.1 Conditions during transport, storage and
    10.2 Erection (mounting)
    10.3 Maintenance
    1 Standard test finger
    AA (normative) Internal fault
    BB (normative) Method for calculating the
           cross-sectional area of bare conductors
           with regard to thermal stresses due to
           currents of short duration
    CC Deleted
    DD (normative) Guide to voltage tests after
            erection on site
    EE (normative) Rated insulation level for
            Series II
    FF (normative) Partial discharge measurement
    GG Deleted
    ZA (normative) Normative references to
           international publications with their
           corresponding European publications
    ZB (normative) Special national conditions
    ZC (informative) A-deviations

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Defines service conditions, applicable terms and rated characteristics. It specifies rules for design and construction and rules for type tests and routine tests. Also provides general information on the selection of devices, tenders, transport, erection and maintenance, etc.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher National Standards Authority of Ireland
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By
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