• IEC 61293:2019

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    Marking of electrical equipment with ratings related to electrical supply - Safety requirements

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    Published date:  16-09-2019

    Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Committee

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    IEC 61293:2019 establishes minimum requirements and general rules on marking electric equipment with ratings and other characteristics to enable the proper and safe selection and installation of electric equipment related to any supply of electricity.

    The object of this document is to:

    • provide general requirements for the marking of the characteristics related to any supply system, such as voltage, current, frequency and power, without any restrictions;

    • provide technical committees with uniform methods for the marking of electrical ratings of products.

    This document is primarily intended for application by technical committees when specifying minimum markings of ratings related to any electrical supply of equipment, sub-assemblies and components, but it is also for application by product manufacturers for marking their products.

    This horizontal standard is primarily intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards in accordance with the principles laid down in IEC Guide 108.

    One of the responsibilities of a technical committee is, wherever applicable, to make use of horizontal standards in the preparation of its publications. The contents of this horizontal standard will not apply unless specifically referred to or included in the relevant publications.

    IEC 61293:2019 cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1994. This edition constitutes a technical revision.

    This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

    a) its status as a basic safety publication has been removed;

    b) the scope is extended to include the applicability of this document to product manufacturers;

    c) the addition of a provision that the visibility of the marking during normal operation should be considered;

    d) more detailed requirements where equipment has a set or range of rated values for a given characteristic;

    e) requirements regarding the provision of the markings also in the technical documentation have been added;

    f) some notes have been converted to normative text;

    g) normative references and references to other standards have been updated.

    It has the status of a horizontal standard in accordance with IEC Guide 108.

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    Committee TC 3
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Electrotechnical Committee
    Status Current
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