• IEEE 1679-2010

    Superseded A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

    IEEE Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Emerging Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary Applications

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    Superseded date:  13-04-2020

    Language(s):  English

    Published date:  29-10-2010

    Publisher:  Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

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    1. Overview
    2. Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
    3. Characterization information
    4. Qualification testing
    5. Technology description
    6. Regulatory issues
    7. Evaluation techniques
    Annex A (informative) - Bibliography
    Annex B (informative) - Sample data for lead-acid batteries
    Annex C (informative) - Interpretation of application data
                            involving variable cycling regimes

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Specifies recommended information for an objective evaluation of an emerging energy storage technology by a potential user for any stationary application. Presents a means for the reversible storage of electrical energy, i.e., the device receives electrical energy and is able to discharge electrical energy at a later time.

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    Committee Energy Storage & Stationary Battery Committee
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By

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    IEEE 1662-2008 IEEE Guide for the Design and Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems on Ships
    IEEE 2030.3-2016 IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Electric Energy Storage Equipment and Systems for Electric Power Systems Applications
    IEEE 2030.2-2015 IEEE Guide for the Interoperability of Energy Storage Systems Integrated with the Electric Power Infrastructure
    IEEE 1679.2-2018 IEEE Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Sodium-Beta Batteries in Stationary Applications

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