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ISO 14955-2:2018



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Machine tools — Environmental evaluation of machine tools — Part 2: Methods for measuring energy supplied to machine tools and machine tool components

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This document describes how measurements are made by providing measuring methods in order to produce reproducible data about the energy supplied to a machine tool under specified conditions. Furthermore, it provides methods to quantify the energy supplied to components in order to assign their share to generalized machine tool functions as described in ISO 14955‑1.

It supports the energy-saving design methodology according to ISO 14955‑1 by providing measuring methods for the energy supplied to machine tools. The assignment of the energy supplied to machine tool functions requires measurements at machine tool component level. These measurements need to be reproducible and independent of conditions other than those being recorded and documented.

The results of the measurements are intended to document improvements to the design, specifically under energy aspects, and/or to allow evaluating the energy involved in the manufacturing of a given part by a given machine tool. Any comparison requires identical conditions and ensures by specification and measurement that similar results are achieved.

Supersedes ISO/DIS 14955-2. (06/2018)
International Organization for Standardization

Standards Relationship
IS 17251 : Part 2 : 2019 Identical
JIS B 0955-2:2021 Identical

ISO 9110-1:1990 Hydraulic fluid power Measurement techniques Part 1: General measurement principles
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