• ISO 20918:2007

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    Road vehicles Braking threshold pressures for heavy commercial vehicle combinations with fully pneumatic braking systems Test with roller brake tester

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    Published date:  09-10-2007

    Publisher:  International Organization for Standardization

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    ISO 20918:2007 describes a method to evaluate the braking threshold of heavy commercial vehicle combinations with pneumatic braking systems, by means of a roller brake tester.

    ISO 20918:2007 describes procedures for workshops and garages and provides

    • a recommended pressure range of the system threshold pressure for motor vehicles and trailers, and
    • a recommended practice for determining the system threshold pressure.

    ISO 20918:2007 covers neither high-pressure compatibility, including the control of the coefficient of friction between lining/pad and drum/disc, nor dynamic influences. ISO 20918:2007 is not for use at Type Approval.

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    Development Note Supersedes ISO/DIS 20918. (10/2007)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Organization for Standardization
    Status Current

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    ISO 611:2003 Road vehicles Braking of automotive vehicles and their trailers Vocabulary
    ISO 21069-1:2004 Road vehicles — Test of braking systems on vehicles with a maximum authorized total mass of over 3,5 t using a roller brake tester — Part 1: Pneumatic braking systems
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