• ISO 9779:1993

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    Metallurgical-grade fluorspar — Determination of lead content — Solvent extraction atomic absorption spectrometric method

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    Withdrawn date:  14-03-2019

    Language(s):  English, French

    Published date:  01-04-1993

    Publisher:  International Organization for Standardization

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    The principle of the method specified is to decompose a test portion by a mixture of nitric, hydrofluoric and perchloric acids, dissolving the salts in hydrochloric acid after evaporation to dryness, extracting the lead from a dilute hydrochloric acid solution of the decomposed test portion into a solution of tri-n-octylphosphine oxide in 4-methyl-2-pentanone, aspirating the extract into the air/acetylene flame of an atomic absorption spectrometer, and measuring the absorbance at 283,3 nm. Applies to products having lead contents in the range 0,0006 % (m/m) to 0,01 % (m/m).

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    Committee ISO/TC 175
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Organization for Standardization
    Status Withdrawn
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