• NBN EN 60122-1 : 2003

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    Published date:  13-01-2013

    Publisher:  Belgian Standards

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    1 General
      1.1 Scope
      1.2 Normative reference
      1.3 Order of precedence
    2 Terminology and general requirements
      2.1 General
      2.2 Terms, definitions and classification of
      2.3 Preferred ratings and characteristics
           2.3.1 Temperature ranges in degrees Celsius
                  (degree C) suitable for ambient operation
           2.3.2 Elevated temperature ranges in degrees
                  Celsius (degree C) suitable for oven
           2.3.3 Frequency tolerance (1x10[-6])
           2.3.4 Circuit conditions
           2.3.5 Levels of drive
           2.3.6 Drive level dependency
           2.3.7 Climatic category
           2.3.8 Bump severity
           2.3.9 Vibration severity
           2.3.10 Shock severity
           2.3.11 Leak rate
      2.4 Marking
    3 Quality assessment procedures
      3.1 Primary stage of manufacture
      3.2 Structurally similar components
      3.3 Subcontracting
      3.4 Manufacturer's approval
      3.5 Approval procedures
           3.5.1 General
           3.5.2 Capability approval
           3.5.3 Qualification approval
      3.6 Procedures for capability approval
           3.6.1 General
           3.6.2 Eligibility for capability approval
           3.6.3 Application for capability approval
           3.6.4 Granting of capability approval
           3.6.5 Capability manual
      3.7 Procedures for qualification approval
           3.7.1 General
           3.7.2 Eligibility for qualification approval
           3.7.3 Application for qualification approval
           3.7.4 Granting of qualification approval
           3.7.5 Quality conformance inspection
      3.8 Test procedures
      3.9 Screening requirements
      3.10 Rework and repair work
           3.10.1 Rework
           3.10.2 Repair work
      3.11 Certified records of related lots
      3.12 Validity of release
      3.13 Release for delivery
      3.14 Unchecked parameters
    4 Test and measurement procedures
      4.1 General
      4.2 Alternative test methods
      4.3 Precision of measurement
      4.4 Standard conditions for testing
      4.5 Visual inspection
           4.5.1 Visual test A
           4.5.2 Visual test B
           4.5.3 Visual test C
      4.6 Dimensioning and gauging procedures
           4.6.1 Dimensions, test A
           4.6.2 Dimensions, test B
      4.7 Electrical test procedures
           4.7.1 Frequency and resonance resistance
           4.7.2 Drive level dependency
           4.7.3 Frequency and resonance resistance as a
                  function of temperature
           4.7.4 Unwanted responses
           4.7.5 Shunt capacitance
           4.7.6 Load resonance frequency and resistance
           4.7.7 Frequency pulling range (f[L1], f[L2])
           4.7.8 Motional parameters
           4.7.9 Insulation resistance
      4.8 Mechanical and environmental test procedures
           4.8.1 Robustness of terminations (destructive)
           4.8.2 Sealing tests (non-destructive)
           4.8.3 Soldering (solderability and resistance to
                  soldering heat) (destructive)
           4.8.4 Rapid change of temperature, two-fluid bath
                  method (non-destructive)
           4.8.5 Rapid change of temperature with prescribed
                  time of transition (non-destructive)
           4.8.6 Bump (destructive)
           4.8.7 Vibration (destructive)
           4.8.8 Shock (destructive)
           4.8.9 Free fall (destructive)
           4.8.10 Acceleration, steady state (non-destructive)
           4.8.11 Dry heat (non-destructive)
           4.8.12 Damp heat, cyclic (destructive)
           4.8.13 Cold (non-destructive)
           4.8.14 Climatic sequence (destructive)
           4.8.15 Damp heat, steady state (destructive)
           4.8.16 Immersion in cleaning solvents (non-destructive)
      4.9 Endurance test procedures
    Annex ZA (normative) Normative references to international
             publications with their corresponding European

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    Gives the methods of test and general requirements for quartz crystal units of assessed quality using either capability approval or qualification approval procedures.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Belgian Standards
    Status Current
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