• NBN EN 62326-1 : 2003

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    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  Belgian Standards

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    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 General
        3.1 General considerations
        3.2 Structure of the specification series
    4 Particular stipulations
        4.1 Primary stage of manufacture
        4.2 Structurally similar printed boards
        4.3 Certified Records (CR) of released lots
        4.4 Delayed delivery
        4.5 Release for delivery before the completion of
              all tests
        4.6 Resubmission of rejected lots
        4.7 Marking of printed board and package
        4.8 Ordering information
    5 Capability approval and maintenance of capability
        5.1 General
        5.2 Capability approval requirements
        5.3 Description of capability
        5.4 Register of Firms, Products and Services
              Information (RFPS)
        5.5 Demonstration of capability
        5.6 Capability approval test report
        5.7 Range of capability approval
        5.8 Maintenance of capability approval
        5.9 Suspension and withdrawal of capability approval
        5.10 Capability approval testing
        5.11 Inspection of information in the Cap DS
    6 Quality assessment
        6.1 Quality conformance inspection
        6.2 Grouping of tests
        6.3 Inspection information in the CDS
        6.4 In-process testing and control
        6.5 Indirect measuring methods/process parameter
    7 Rules for the preparation of detail specifications
        7.1 Capability Detail Specification (Cap DS)
        7.2 Customer Detail Specification (CDS)
    Annex A (informative) Examples of a CDS check list
    Annex B (informative) Future Structure of the specification
    Annex C (informative) Structure of the capability
            qualifying component (CQC)
    Annex D (informative) Abbreviations and acronyms related to
            IECQ and their explanations
    Annex E (informative) Guide to the form and content of a
            capability manual
    Annex F (informative) Example of process description
    Annex G (informative) Example of limits of approval
    Annex H (informative) Example of description of capability
    Annex I (informative) Example of manufacturer-to-customer
    Annex J (informative) Example of CQC detail specification
    Annex K (informative) Example of test programme matrix
    Annex L (informative) Example of test programme schedule
    Annex M (normative) Requirements for capability approval
            test reports
    Annex ZA (normative) Normative references to international
             publications with their corresponding European

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    Specifies capability approval (CA) procedures for printed boards, the information and requirements may also be used for second-party approvals or for self-declaration by a manufacturer of products.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Belgian Standards
    Status Current
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