• NEN EN 50470-1 : 2006

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    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  Netherlands Standards

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    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Terms and definitions
      3.1 General definitions
      3.2 Definitions related to the functional elements
      3.3 Definitions of mechanical elements
      3.4 Definitions related to insulation
      3.5 Definitions of meter quantities
      3.6 Definitions of influence quantities
      3.7 Definitions of tests
      3.8 Definitions related to electromechanical meters
      3.9 Abbreviations
    4 Standard electrical values
      4.1 Standard reference voltages
      4.2 Standard currents and current ranges
      4.3 Standard reference frequency
    5 Mechanical requirements and tests
      5.1 General mechanical requirements
      5.2 Case
           5.2.1 Requirements
           5.2.2 Mechanical strength tests of meter case
      5.3 Window
      5.4 Terminals - Terminal block(s) - Protective earth
      5.5 Terminal cover(s)
      5.6 Clearance and creepage distances
      5.7 Insulating encased meter of protective class II
      5.8 Resistance to heat and fire
      5.9 Protection against penetration of dust and water
      5.10 Display of measured values
      5.11 Output device and operation indicator
           5.11.1 General
           5.11.2 Mechanical and electrical characteristics
           5.11.3 Optical characteristics
      5.12 Marking of meter
           5.12.1 Name-plates
           5.12.2 Connection diagrams and terminal marking
      5.13 Accompanying information
    6 Climatic conditions
      6.1 Temperature ranges
      6.2 Relative humidity
      6.3 Tests of the effect of the climatic environments
           6.3.1 General
           6.3.2 Dry heat test (Test B)
           6.3.3 Cold test (Test A)
           6.3.4 Damp heat cyclic test (Test Db)
           6.3.5 Protection against solar radiation (Test Sa)
    7 Electrical requirements
      7.1 Voltage range
      7.2 Heating
      7.3 Insulation
           7.3.1 Requirements
           7.3.2 General test conditions
           7.3.3 Impulse voltage test
           7.3.4 AC voltage test
      7.4 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
           7.4.1 Electromagnetic environment
           7.4.2 General requirements and test conditions
           7.4.3 Critical change value
           7.4.4 Immunity to voltage dips and short interruptions
           7.4.5 Immunity to electrostatic discharges
           7.4.6 Immunity to radiated RF electromagnetic fields
           7.4.7 Immunity to electrical fast transients/bursts
           7.4.8 Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by RF
           7.4.9 Immunity to surges
           7.4.10 Immunity to damped oscillatory waves
           7.4.11 Immunity to continuous magnetic fields of external
           7.4.12 Immunity to power frequency magnetic fields of
                  external origin
           7.4.13 Radio interference suppression
    8 Type test
      8.1 Test conditions
    Annex A (normative) Relationship between ambient air
                           temperature and relative humidity
    Annex B (normative) Optical test output
    Annex C (normative) Voltage waveform for the tests of the
                           effect of voltage dips and short
    Annex D (informative) Test set-up for electromagnetic
                           compatibility (EMC) tests
    Annex E (normative) Electromagnet for testing the influence
                           of continuous magnetic fields of external
    Annex F (informative) Test schedule - Recommended test
    Annex ZZ (informative) Coverage of Essential Requirements of EC

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Applies to newly manufactured watt-hour meters, measuring active electrical energy, intended for residential, commercial and light industrial use, for use on 50 Hz electrical networks.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Netherlands Standards
    Status Current
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