• NS EN 1495 : 1997 AC 2010

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    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  Norwegian Standards (Norges Standardiseringsforbund)

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    0 Introduction
    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Definitions
    4 List of hazards
    5 Safety requirements and/or measures
        5.1 Structural and stability calculations
        5.2 General machine requirements, base frame,
              chassis and mast
        5.3 Work platform
        5.4 Drive systems for elevation
        5.5 Means to prevent the work platform from falling
              with overspeed
        5.6 Means for emergency lowering and raising the work
        5.7 Overload/moment device
        5.8 Electrical systems
        5.9 Hydraulic system
        5.10 Special requirements for safety devices, depending
              on auxiliary circuits and for overload/moment
        5.11 Travel limit switches
        5.12 Controls
    6 Verification of the safety requirements and/or measures
        6.1 Examinations and tests for each new model of MCWP
    7 Information for use
        7.1 Instruction handbook
        7.2 Marking
    A (informative) Structural calculations
    B (normative) Special requirements for multilevel work
    C (normative) Requirements for electrical and electronic
        aspects of overload detecting devices
    ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard
        addressing essential requirements or other provisions
        of EU Directives

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Defines special safety requirements for temporary mast climbing platforms (MCWP), being manually or power operated and intended for use in carrying out work by one or more persons. Also covers vertical moving components for use in moving persons with their equipment and materials to and from a single boarding point.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Development Note 1997 Edition Re-Issued in October 2009 & incorporates AMD 2 2009. (11/2009)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Norwegian Standards (Norges Standardiseringsforbund)
    Status Current
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