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PD ISO/IEC TR 19760:2003



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Systems engineering. A guide for the application of ISO/IEC 15288 (System life cycle processes)

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1 Scope
  1.1 Purpose
  1.2 Audience
  1.3 Prerequisites
2 Normative references
3 Context of this Technical Report
  3.1 Overview
  3.2 Context of the International Standard
  3.3 Process categories of the International Standard
4 Use of the International Standard
  4.1 Overview
  4.2 Concept of use
      4.2.1 General
      4.2.2 Scope tailoring
      4.2.3 Process tailoring
  4.3 Planning for use
  4.4 Tailoring
      4.4.1 General
      4.4.2 Tailoring considerations
      4.4.3 Tailoring guidance
      4.4.4 Tailoring documentation
5 Application concepts
  5.1 Overview
  5.2 System related concepts
      5.2.1 System structure
      5.2.2 Kinds of systems
      5.2.3 System boundary
  5.3 Project related concepts
      5.3.1 Project focus
      5.3.2 Hierarchy of projects
      5.3.3 Project organizational structure
  5.4 System life cycle concept
  5.5 Process application concepts
      5.5.1 Process use
      5.5.2 Life cycle processes
      5.5.3 Recursive/iterative application of processes
      5.5.4 Methods and tools
6 Application of the International Standard life cycle processes
  6.1 Overview
  6.2 Application of the technical processes to engineer a system
      6.2.1 General
      6.2.2 Related technical processes for system definition
      6.2.3 System structure definition
      6.2.4 Related technical processes for system realization
      6.2.5 Enabling system definition and realization
  6.3 Application of life cycle processes to form an agreement
  6.4 Application of life cycle processes to satisfy an agreement
7 Application of International Standard processes
  using the system life cycle
  7.1 Overview
  7.2 Enterprise view
      7.2.1 Approaches
      7.2.2 Sequential approach
      7.2.3 Incremental approach
      7.2.4 Evolutionary approach
  7.3 Engineering view
      7.3.1 General
      7.3.2 Technical reviews
      7.3.3 Configuration audits
8 Application by organizations
  8.1 Overview
  8.2 Uses of the International Standard within an organization
Annex A (informative) Relationship between ISO/IEC 15288
        and other more detailed standards
Annex B (informative) References for design related special
Annex C (informative) Notes for application of ISO/IEC
        15288 processes

Specifies a Technical Report that provides guidance for application of the International Standard ISO/IEC 15288 Systems Engineering - System life cycle processes in regard to systems and projects irrespective of size and type. Also provides appropriate links to other ISO documents for supporting application of the International Standard and to aid in assessing the effectiveness of the application of the International Standard.

Supersedes 02/647697 DC (04/2004)
British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
ISO/IEC TR 19760:2003 Identical

ISO/IEC 15288:2008 Systems and software engineering System life cycle processes
ISO/IEC 12207:2008 Systems and software engineering Software life cycle processes
ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements
ISO/IEC TR 15271:1998 Information technology Guide for ISO/IEC 12207 (Software Life Cycle Processes)

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