• SN EN 61082-2 : 1994

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    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  Swiss Standards

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    Cooperating organizations
    National foreword
    Section 1 - General
    1.1 Scope
    1.2 Normative references
    Section 2 - Common rules for function-oriented diagrams
    2.1 General
    2.2 Layout
    2.3 Location reference systems
    2.4 Graphical symbols
    2.5 Representation of supply circuits
    2.6 Representation of combined electrical and non-
          electrical circuits
    2.7 Representation of binary logic circuits
    2.8 Current flow and magnetic flux directions;
          voltage polarity
    2.9 Layouts of commonly used fundamental circuits
    2.10 Terminals connected to internal branches
    2.11 Simplification techniques
    2.12 Supplementary information
    Figures 1 to 43
    Section 3 - Overview diagrams
    3.1 General
    3.2 Layout
    3.3 Overview diagrams for control systems for non-
          electrical processes
    3.4 Examples
    Figures 44 to 54
    Section 4 - Function diagrams
    4.1 General
    4.2 Contents of a function diagram
    4.3 Examples
    Figures 55 to 57
    Section 5 - Circuit diagrams
    5.1 General
    5.2 Contents of a circuit diagram
    5.3 Symbols with a large number of terminals
    5.4 Unused parts
    5.5 Distributed connections (wired-AND, wired-OR)
    5.6 Examples
    Figures 58 to 72
    A Extracts from IEC 375 - Conventions concerning
          electric and magnetic circuits
    ZA (normative) Other international publications
          quoted in this standard with the references of the
          relevant European publications
    National annex NA (informative) Committees responsible
    National annex NB (informative) Cross-references

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Provides rules for function oriented diagrams. Coverage includes: location reference systems; representation of supply circuits; representation of combined electrical and non electrical circuits; representation of binary logic circuits; terminals connected to internal branches; overview diagrams for control systems for non electrical processes; contents of a function diagram; contents of a circuit diagram; symbols with a large number of terminals.

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    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Swiss Standards
    Status Current
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