• BS EN 12435:2006

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    Health informatics. Expression of results of measurements in health sciences

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    Published date:  30-06-2006

    Publisher:  British Standards Institution

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    Table of Contents - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms
      3.1 Definitions
      3.2 Abbreviations, initialisms and acronyms
    4 Elements of data in a measurable quantity and its
    5 Units for reporting information in health sciences
      5.2 Derived coherent units of SI and mathematical
          operations with units
      5.3 Derived coherent units of SI with special names
          and symbols
      5.4 Multiples and submultiples of units: prefix names
          and symbols
      5.5 Units outside SI: off-system units
      5.6 Units of dimensionless quantities and compound
          units with the unit `one' in the numerator
    6 Expression of numerical value and uncertainty
      6.1 Numerical values
      6.2 Uncertainty of measurement
    7 Representation of the results of measurement
      7.1 Display and printing
      7.2 Transmission and storage
    8 Deprecation of the use of 'limited' (e.g. 7-bit)
      character sets
    Annex A (informative) Table of kinds-of-quantity, their
            units and conversion factors
    Annex B (informative) Dimension of a quantity
    Annex C (informative) Conversion between kinds-of-quantity
    Annex D (normative) Uncertainty of measurement
    Annex E (normative) Rounding numerical values
    Annex F (informative) Non-measurable properties

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Offers a list of units of measurement to be used in representing values of measurable quantities in health sciences.

    Scope - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    This document is intended for use by parties to the design, development, acquisition, use and monitoring of health-care related information and information systems. It provides a list of units of measurement to be used in representing values of measurable quantities in health sciences. The International System of Units forms the basis for this EN. Units with their associated kinds-of-quantity are arranged in order of dimension in Tables 1, 2 and 4 (Clause 5), and in Annex A. Different kinds-of-quantity may apply to a given combination of component(s) and system. Often the different quantities are interconvertible and examples of such interconvertibility are given in Annex C. Tables of conversion factors (Annex A) are provided from units in current use to SI units or their multiples. To represent the result of a measurement (Clause 6), this EN addresses requirements for the following: ¾ relational operator (Clause 4) ¾ numerical value (Subclause 6.1) ¾ uncertainty of measurement (Subclause 6.2; Annex D) ¾ unit of measurement (Clause 5). This EN covers the requirements for representation of these data elements in displayed and printed form, and provides an approach for support of languages in non-Roman alphabets (Clause 7). The scope of this standard is limited to textual representation. Support is not provided for the display or printing of images or graphs. This standard does not cover the requirements for expression of the results of measurements in speech, speech synthesis or handwriting. It does not cover the form and syntax of requests for clinical measurements, nor detailed aspects of data transmission. It refers the user to other CEN standards that address the detailed specification of the interchange format. It does not address the syntax for recording of natural-language statements about quantities, such as those used in recording information about drugs dispensed or about treatment of patients. It does not cover the units of financial quantitie

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Committee IST/35
    Development Note Supersedes DD ENV 12435 and 05/30133984 DC. (07/2006)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Current
    Under Revision

    Standards Referencing This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below)

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