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    IEEE Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment

    Available format(s):  Hardcopy, PDF

    Language(s):  English

    Published date:  07-04-2016

    Publisher:  Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

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    Committee Substations
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
    Status Current

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    IEEE 525-2007 IEEE Guide for the Design and Installation of Cable Systems in Substations
    IEEE 81-2012 IEEE Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System
    IEEE 998-2012 IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations
    IEEE 80-2013 IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding
    IEEE 1427-2006 IEEE Guide for Recommended Electrical Clearances and Insulation Levels in Air Insulated Electrical Power Substations
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