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NEN EN 12778 : 2003 C1 2007



The latest, up-to-date edition.


Published date


1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Requirements
  4.1 General
  4.2 Material
  4.3 Manufacturing characteristics
  4.4 Lifting grips
  4.5 Control and safety devices
      4.5.1 General
      4.5.2 Pressure control device
      4.5.3 Pressure indicator
      4.5.4 Safety device
      4.5.5 Decompression device
      4.5.6 Safety at the opening
      4.5.7 Mechanical resistance of safe opening systems
  4.6 Closing of the pressure cooker
  4.7 Resistance to pressure
      4.7.1 Resistance to deformation of the body and the lid
      4.7.2 Resistance to destruction of the body and the lid
  4.8 Pressure cookers with integral heating device
5 Tests
  5.1 General
  5.2 Tests and measurements relating to materials and coatings
  5.3 Tests and measurements relating to manufacturing
      5.3.1 Maintenance and surface finish
      5.3.2 Deviation of the bottom
      5.3.3 Design of the closing ring
      5.3.4 Cleaning of the pressure control devices and
            decompression devices
      5.3.5 Measurement of capacity
  5.4 Tests and measurements relating to lifting grips]
      5.4.1 Physical and mechanical tests
      5.4.2 Temperatures measurement
  5.5 Tests on control and safety devices
      5.5.1 General
      5.5.2 Verification of pressure control device
      5.5.3 Verification of pressure indicator
      5.5.4 Verifications of safety device
      5.5.5 Verification of decompression device
      5.5.6 Opening tests
      5.5.7 Mechanical resistance test of safe opening systems
  5.6 Tests relating to opening and closing devices
  5.7 Tests relating to resistance to pressure
      5.7.1 Test of resistance to deformation of the body and the
      5.7.2 Test of resistance to destruction of the body and the
6 Marking, labelling and handbook
Annex ZA (informative) Relationship between this European Standard
         and the Essential Requirements of EU Directive 97/23/EC

Defines terms, establishes manufacturing, safety and functional requirements and corresponding tests and specifies data for marking, labelling and instructions for use, for pressure cookers.

Netherlands Standards

Standards Relationship
UNI EN 12778 : 2006 Identical
BS EN 12778:2002 Identical
EN 12778:2002/A1:2005 Identical
DIN EN 12778:2005-09 Identical
UNE-EN 12778:2003 Identical

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