• PD IEC TR 61000-1-3:2002

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    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). General The effects of high-altitude EMP (HEMP) on civil equipment and systems

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    Published date:  15-08-2002

    Publisher:  British Standards Institution

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    1 Scope
    2 Reference documents
    3 Definitions
    4 General considerations
    5 Overview of effects experience
      5.1 Atmospheric testing introduction
      5.2 Simulator testing introduction
    6 Atmospheric nuclear testing experience
      6.1 United States atmospheric test experience - Starfish
      6.2 Soviet Union atmospheric test experience
    7 HEMP simulator testing with radiated transients
      7.1 Consumer electronics
      7.2 Communication radios
      7.3 Commercial power lines
      7.4 Train power-line coupling experiment
      7.5 HEMP-inducted currents on a three-phase line
    8 HEMP simulator testing with conducted transients
      8.1 High-voltage power-line equipment
      8.2 Testing of distribution transformers to conducted
          HEMP transients
    9 Summary

    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Describes the effects that have occurred during actual and simulated electromagnetic pulse testing throughout the world.

    Scope - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    The purpose of this part of IEC 61000 is to describe the effects that have occurred during actual and simulated electromagnetic pulse testing throughout the world. These effects include those observed during the high-altitude nuclear tests conducted by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962, and the HEMP simulator tests conducted by many countries during the years after atmospheric testing ended. In addition to direct effects, this technical report also contains information on HEMP coupling to “long lines” as it is important to verify that particular levels of currents and voltages can be induced by HEMP on these lines; this provides a basis for direct injection testing of electronic equipment. It should be noted that, in most cases, the electrical equipment tested or exposed did not contain the sensitive electronics in use today. Also it should be emphasized that all tests and exposures did not produce failure of the equipment; factors such as the geometry of the HEMP interaction and the electromagnetic shielding of the equipment are variables that can produce differing results. The description of these effects is intended to illustrate the seriousness of the possible effects of HEMP on modern electronic systems.

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    Committee GEL/210
    Development Note Supersedes 00/241552 DC (09/2002)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Current

    Standards Referencing This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    IEC 61000-2-10:1998 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 2-10: Environment - Description of HEMP environment - Conducted disturbance
    IEC 61000-2-9:1996 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 2: Environment - Section 9: Description of HEMP environment - Radiated disturbance. Basic EMC publication
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