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UNE-EN 60077-2:2002



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Railway applications - Electric equipment for rolling stock - Part 2: Electrotechnical components - General rules

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Spanish, Castilian, English

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1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Definitions
   3.1 Components
   3.2 Component parts
   3.3 Operational features
4. Classification
5. Characteristics
   5.1 List of characteristics
   5.2 Type of component
   5.3 Rated and limiting values for the main circuit
        5.3.1 General
        5.3.2 Rated voltages
        5.3.3 Rated currents
        5.3.4 Rated time constants (for d.c. switchgear)
        5.3.5 Rated power factor (for a.c. switchgear)
   5.4 Operational frequency classes
   5.5 Component categories
   5.6 Electric control circuits
   5.7 Pneumatic control circuits
   5.8 Manual control
   5.9 Electric auxiliary circuits
   5.10 Pneumatic auxiliary circuits
   5.11 Peak arc voltages
6. Product information
   6.1 Nature of the information
        6.1.1 Component documentation
        6.1.2 Other information
   6.2 Marking
   6.3 Instructions for storage, installation, operation
        and maintenance
7. Normal service conditions
8. Constructional and performance requirements
   8.1 Constructional requirements
        8.1.1 Terminals and connecting capacity
        8.1.2 Bonding terminal
   8.2 Performance requirements
        8.2.1 Operating conditions
        8.2.2 Temperature rise
        8.2.3 Operation following inactivity
        8.2.4 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
        8.2.5 Acoustic noise emission
        8.2.6 Dielectric properties
        8.2.7 Switching overvoltages
        8.2.8 Operational performance capability
        8.2.9 Ability to withstand vibration and shock
        8.2.10 Ability to withstand short-time current
9. Tests
   9.1 Kinds of tests
   9.2 Verification of constructional requirements
   9.3 Type tests
        9.3.1 Test sequences
        9.3.2 General test conditions
        9.3.3 Test sequence I: general performance characteristics
        9.3.4 Test sequence II: ability to withstand vibration and
        9.3.5 Test sequence III: critical currents
        9.3.6 Test sequence IV: climatic conditions
        9.3.7 Test sequence V: other tests
   9.4 Routine tests
        9.4.1 General
        9.4.2 Mechanical operation
        9.4.3 Measurement of resistance or impedance
        9.4.4 Air-tightness (for pneumatic components)
        9.4.5 Dielectric withstand
        9.4.6 Check on the setting and operation of
               protective equipment and relays
Annex A (normative) Correspondence between auxiliary contacts
        and steady states of switchgear
Annex B (informative) Bibliography
Annex ZA (normative) Normative references to international
         publications with their corresponding European

Gives general rules for all electrotechnical components that are installed in power circuits, auxiliary circuits and control circuits, etc., on all rolling stock.

CTN 203/SC 9XB
Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion

Standards Relationship
IEC 60077-2:2017 Identical
NBN EN 60077-2 : 2002 Identical
SN EN 60077-2 : 2002 Identical
I.S. EN 60077-2:2002 Identical
NF EN 60077-2 : 2002 Identical
BS EN 60077-2:2002 Identical
EN 60077-2:2002 Identical
DIN EN 60077-2 : 2018 Identical
I.S. EN 60077-2:2017 Identical
EN 60077-2:2017 Identical
BS EN 60077-2:2017 Identical

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