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    Superseded date:  31-07-2006


    Published date:  23-11-2012

    Publisher:  British Standards Institution

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    1 Introduction
    2 Scope
    3 Normative References
    4 Definitions and symbols
       4.1 Definitions
       4.2 Symbols
       4.3 Reference Standard Condition
    5 Test Classification
       5.1 Performance Tests
       5.2 Operation
       5.3 Environmental Aspects
       5.4 Classes of Tests
    6 Guideline of test procedure
       6.1 General
       6.2 Test plan
       6.3 Preparation for test
       6.4 Uncertainty Analysis
    7 Test operating condition
       7.1 General
       7.2 Operating condition
    8 Instrument and Measurement Methods
       8.1 General
       8.2 Check list of equipment for the test
       8.3 Electric power measurement
       8.4 Recovered heat measurement
       8.5 Fuel measurement
       8.6 Oxidant (Air) Characteristics
       8.7 Other Fluid Flow Measurement
       8.8 Exhaust gas emission measurement
       8.9 Waste Water Quality Measurement
       8.10 Noise Measurement
       8.11 Vibration Measurement
    9 Test method and Computations of Results
       9.1 General
       9.2 Performance Test
           9.2.1 Electrical Power
           9.2.2 Fuel consumption and fuel energy
           9.2.3 Oxidant (Air) consumption and air energy
           9.2.4 Electrical Efficiency
           9.2.5 Heat Recovery Efficiency
           9.2.6 Overall Energy Efficiency
           9.2.7 Dynamic Transient Response characteristics
           9.2.8 Start-up and Shut-down Characteristics
           9.2.9 Exhaust gas emission
           9.2.10 Purge Gas Consumption
       9.3 Environmental Evaluation
           9.3.1 Emission Characteristics
           9.3.2 Noise
           9.3.3 Vibration
           9.3.4 Waste Water Quality
    10 Test Reports
       10.1 Title page
       10.2 Table of contents
       10.3 Summary Report
       10.4 Detailed report
       10.5 Full report
    ANNEX-A Definition of Operating Process/Fuel Cell Power System
        A.1 General
    ANNEX-B Guidance Uncertainty Analysis
        B.1 General
        B.2 Preparations
        B.3 Basic assumptions
        B.4 General approach
        B.5 Example Calculations
    ANNEX-C Calculation of Fuel Heating Value
    ANNEX-D Reference gas
        D.1 General
        D.2 Reference gases for Natural gas and Propane gas

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    Committee GEL/105
    Document Type Draft
    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By

    Standards Referencing This Book - (Show below) - (Hide below)

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