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BS 3970-1:1990



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Sterilizing and disinfecting equipment for medical products Specification for general requirements

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Committees responsible
1. Scope
2. Definitions
3. Testing for compliance
4. Size, shape and designation of the chamber
5. Vessel and its components
6. Doors and their controls
7. Control valves and over-pressure protection devices
8. Hydraulic test
9. Airborne noise emission
10. Thermal insulation
11. Electrical requirements
12. Steam and water supply
13. Instrumentation and controls
14. Fault
15. Air filters
16. Load supporting and handling equipment
17. Information to be supplied by the manufacturer
18. Marking
A. Information to be supplied by the purchaser
B. Copper and copper alloy vessels
C. Design of pressure vessels with rectangular section
D. Determination of sound power levels
E. Sterilizer performance and steam quality
1. British Standards for receivers, pipes and pipe
2. Copper and copper alloys: nominal design strength
3. Size of rounded indications in radiographic tests
4. Classification of welds and joints
5. Pitot tube diameters
1. Certificate of compliance form
2. Unreinforced vessels
3. Reinforced vessels
4. Partially reinforced vessels
5. Jacketed vessels
6. Slot and plug welds
7. Door with horizontal reinforcing members
8. Design fatigue curves
9. Fatigue strength of steel bolts
10. Apparatus for the determination of the dryness
    value of steam
11. Apparatus for the determination of non-condensable
    gases in steam

For sterilizers used in hospitals and other medical, clinical and ancilliary institutions.

Supersedes BS 3970-1(1966) and 85/53987 DC (03/2003) Inactive for the new design. (01/2012)
British Standards Institution

This Part of BS3970 specifies general requirements for sterilizers, including disinfectors, comprising a pressure-tight vessel capable of operating up to a design pressure of 6.0 bar4). These sterilizers and disinfectors are intended to be used for medical, dental, pharmaceutical, veterinary and industrial or related purposes.

NOTE1 Not all sterilizer vessels specified by BS3970 are required to withstand a design pressure of 6.0 bar. A lower design pressure appropriate to the particular sterilizer and the load to be processed may be specified in relevant subsequent Parts of BS3970.

The requirements of this Part of BS3970 apply to all sterilizers and disinfectors specified in subsequent Parts of BS3970, except insofar as they may be modified or added to by a subsequent Part, in which case the requirements of the particular Part will apply.

Appendix A indicates the additional information that should be provided by the purchaser to the manufacturer.

NOTE2 Purchasers ordering to this standard are advised to specify in their purchasing contract that the sterilizer manufacturer operate a quality system in accordance with the principles described in BS5750-1. (Guidance on the application of BS5750-1 is given in BS5750-4.) In addition, the manufacturer is advised to check that each supplier of accessories, fittings and other materials similarly operates a quality system in accordance with the principles described in BS5750.

NOTE3 It is essential that a sterilizer should be used only for sterilizing the type of goods for which it is designed (see foreword). In selecting the appropriate sterilizer, reference should be made to the list of Parts of BS3970 given in the foreword.

NOTE4 The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on page 41.

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