• IEC 62386-205:2009

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    Digital addressable lighting interface - Part 205: Particular requirements for control gear - Supply voltage controller for incandescent lamps (device type 4)

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    Published date:  09-06-2009

    Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Committee

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    IEC 62386-205:2009 specifies a protocol and test procedures for the control by digital signals of electronic control gear associated with incandescent lamps. This Part 205 is intended to be used in conjunction with IEC 62386-101 and IEC 62386-102, which contain general requirements for the relevant product type (control gear or control devices).

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    Committee TC 34
    Development Note Stability Date: 2018. (09/2017)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Electrotechnical Committee
    Status Current

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    IEC 62386-102:2014 Digital addressable lighting interface - Part 102: General requirements - Control gear
    IEC 61347-1:2015 RLV Lamp controlgear - Part 1: General and safety requirements
    CISPR 15:2013+AMD1:2015 CSV Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
    IEC 60669-2-1:2002+AMD1:2008+AMD2:2015 CSV Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations -Part 2-1: Particular requirements - Electronic switches
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    IEC 60921:2004+AMD1:2006 CSV Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps - Performance requirements
    IEC 60598-1:2014+AMD1:2017 CSV Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and tests
    IEC 62386-101:2014 Digital addressable lighting interface - Part 101: General requirements - System components
    IEC 60923:2005+AMD1:2006 CSV Auxiliaries for lamps - Ballasts for discharge lamps (excluding tubular fluorescent lamps) - Performance requirements
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