• ISO 19225:2017

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    Underground mining machines — Mobile extracting machines at the face — Safety requirements for shearer loaders and plough systems

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    Published date:  09-05-2017

    Publisher:  International Organization for Standardization

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    ISO 19225:2017 specifies safety requirements to minimize the hazards listed in Clause 4 that can occur during the assembly, use, maintenance, repair, decommissioning, disassembly and disposal of shearer loaders and plough systems when used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer, in underground mining.

    ISO 19225:2017 does not cover any hazards resulting from explosive atmospheres. Requirements for explosive atmospheres can be found in ISO/IEC 80079‑38.

    ISO 19225:2017 is not applicable to machines that are manufactured before the date of its publication.

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    Development Note Supersedes ISO/DIS 19225. (05/2017) NEW CHILD AMD 1 2019 IS NOW ADDED.
    Document Type Standard
    Product Note NEW CHILD AMD 1 2019 IS NOW ADDED.
    Publisher International Organization for Standardization
    Status Current

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