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    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 Terms and definitions
       3.1 Brushless Permanent Magnet motor (BPM)
       3.2 Environment/Temperature
       3.3 Motor shaft/torque-speed/power ratings
       3.4 Motor winding & voltage ratings
       3.5 Power dissipation
       3.6 Mechanical
    4 Characteristic ratings of BPM motor
       4.1 Torque-speed & output shaft data
       4.2 Deleted
       4.3 Power loss dissipation
       4.4 Mechanical
       4.5 Options
       4.6 Rating plate
    5 Interface of BPM motor to converter
       5.1 Torque ratings
       5.2 Voltage at motor terminals
       5.3 Common mode voltage
    6 Testing
       6.1 Motor type (design verification) testing for
            catalogue data
       6.2 Routine (Production) testing
       6.3 Installation testing of motor
    Annex A - Published data
       A.1 Motor manufacturer published data
       A.2 Drive module data required for BPM
       A.3 Application data required for sizing BPM
    Annex B - Control block diagrams
       B.1 Motor control block diagram for K[t]
       B.2 Equivalent control block diagram for K[e]
       B.3 Equivalent control block diagram for drive, motor,
            load and servo
       B.4 Shaft voltage equivalent circuit
    Annex C - Thermal management
       C.1 Power loss dissipation
       C.2 Winding time constants
    Annex D - Feedback devices comparison
    Annex E - Sizing a BPM motor
    Annex F - Method for evaluating torque ripple of PDS

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    Publisher British Standards Institution
    Status Current

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