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IEC 62703:2013



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Expression of performance of fluorometric oxygen analyzers in liquid media

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1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms, definitions, quantities and units
4 Procedure for specification
5 Test methods
Annex A (informative) - Recommended standard
        values of influence - Quantities affecting
        performance from IEC 60359
Annex B (informative) - Performance characteristics
        calculable from drift tests
Annex C (informative) - Physico-chemical data of oxygen
        in water

IEC 62703:2013 specifies the general aspects in the terminology and definitions related to the performance of fluorometric oxygen analyzers used for the continuous determination of dissolved oxygen partial pressure or concentration in liquid media; unifies methods used in making and verifying statements on the functional performance of such analyzers; specifies which tests should be performed in order to determine the functional performance and how such tests should be carried out and provides basic documents to support the application of standards of quality assurance within ISO 9001.

Stability date: 2016. (07/2013)
International Electrotechnical Committee

Standards Relationship
NF EN 62703 : 2013 Identical
NBN EN 62703 : 2013 Identical
NEN EN IEC 62703 : 2013 Identical
PN EN 62703 : 2014 Identical
BS EN 62703:2013 Identical
CEI EN 62703 : 2014 Identical
EN 62703:2013 Identical
DIN EN 62703:2014-12 Identical
SN EN 62703:2013 Identical
UNE-EN 62703:2013 Identical

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