• IEC 62433-4:2016

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    EMC IC modelling - Part 4: Models of integrated circuits for RF immunity behavioural simulation - Conducted immunity modelling (ICIM-CI)

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    Published date:  25-05-2016

    Publisher:  International Electrotechnical Committee

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    IEC 62433-4:2016 specifies a flow for deriving a macro-model to allow the simulation of the conducted immunity levels of an integrated circuit (IC). This model is commonly called Integrated Circuit Immunity Model - Conducted Immunity, ICIM-CI. It is intended to be used for predicting the levels of immunity to conducted RF disturbances applied on IC pins. In order to evaluate the immunity threshold of an electronic device, this macro-model will be inserted in an electrical circuit simulation tool. This macro-model can be used to model both analogue and digital ICs (input/output, digital core and supply). This macro-model does not take into account the non-linear effects of the IC. The added value of ICIM-CI is that it could also be used for immunity prediction at board and system level through simulations. This part of IEC 62433 has two main parts:
    - the electrical description of ICIM-CI macro-model elements;
    - a universal data exchange format called CIML based on XML. This format allows ICIM-CI to be encoded in a more useable and generic form for immunity simulation.

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    Committee TC 47/SC 47A
    Development Note Stability date: 2021. (05/2016)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher International Electrotechnical Committee
    Status Current

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