• EN 60950-1:2006/A2:2013

    Superseded A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.


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    Superseded date:  01-05-2015


    Published date:  12-01-2013

    Publisher:  European Committee for Standards - Electrical

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    0 Principles of safety
    1 General
    2 Protection from hazards
    3 Wiring, connections and supply
    4 Physical requirements
    5 Electrical requirements and simulated abnormal
    6 Connection to telecommunication networks
    7 Connection to cable distribution systems
    Annex A (normative) - Tests for resistance to heat and fire
    Annex B (normative) - Motor tests under abnormal conditions
    Annex C (normative) - Transformers
    Annex D (normative) - Measuring instruments for touch current
    Annex E (normative) - Temperature rise of a winding
    Annex F (normative) - Measurement of clearances and creepage
    Annex G (normative) - Alternative method for determining
            minimum clearances
    Annex H (normative) - Ionizing radiation
    Annex J (normative) - Table of electrochemical potentials
    Annex K (normative) - Thermal controls
    Annex L (normative) - Normal load conditions for some types
            of electrical business equipment
    Annex M (normative) - Criteria for telephone ringing signals
    Annex N (normative) - Impulse test generators
    Annex P (normative) - Normative references
    Annex Q (normative) - Voltage dependent resistors (VDRs)
    Annex R (informative) - Examples of requirements for quality
            control programmes
    Annex S (informative) - Procedure for impulse testing
    Annex T (informative) - Guidance on protection against ingress
            of water
    Annex U (normative) - Insulated winding wires for use without
            interleaved insulation
    Annex V (normative) - AC power distribution systems
    Annex W (informative) - Summation of touch currents
    Annex X (informative) - Maximum heating effect in transformer
    Annex Y (normative) - Ultraviolet light conditioning test
    Annex Z (informative) - Overvoltage categories
    Annex AA (normative) - Mandrel test
    Annex BB (informative) - Changes in the second edition
    Annex CC (normative) - Evaluation of integrated circuit (IC)
             current limiters
    Annex DD (normative) - Requirements for the mounting means of
             rack-mounted equipment
    Annex EE (normative) - Household and home/office document/media
    Annex ZA (normative) - Normative references to international
             publications with their corresponding European
    Annex ZB (normative) - Special national conditions
    Annex ZC (informative) - A-deviations
    Annex ZD (informative) - IEC and CENELEC code designations
             for flexible cords
    Annex Zx (informative) - Significance of L[Aeq,T] in EN 50332-1
             and additional information

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    Pertains to mains-powered or battery-powered information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment and associated equipment, with a RATED VOLTAGE not exceeding 600 V.

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    Committee TC 108
    Development Note Supersedes EN 60950 (03/2002)
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher European Committee for Standards - Electrical
    Status Superseded
    Superseded By